My Ranking of the E3 2019 Conferences

How I would rank the conferences from E3 2019.

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  • Despite not loving half the games they showed (like Smash, Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing), it was an amazing number of games and some great surprises, I think the Switch owners are the most pleased after E3.

  • Great variety, and a couple of surprises. But they came up short in some aspects, as well as showing too many games that we had already seen. Cyberpunk continues to be my most anticipated game.

  • I'm a Square fan, I love their RPGs, they kicked ass with the FF7 presentation, I'm even more excited after seeing the combat, I expected them to ruin it, and I think they did the best way possible for a 2020 Final Fantasy. Some great ports/re-releases/remasters. But they really came up short on new games and the Avengers presentation.

  • Very much for me, focused on their FPS franchises, with two big new games. While updating every other game they have, as well as creating Orion.

  • WatchDogs Legion might be my game of the show. But that's it, Ubi didn't have anything else that we didn't expect. I liked their new subscription service, and I loved the idea of the AC Odyssey creators doing a version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (according to reports), but they showed nothing of it.

  • It might be unfair to rank them since it wasn't a conference, but they were there, and I was underwhelmed by almost everything they showed. I only liked the ideas behind Apex and BFV updates.