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By the Swedes, for the Swedes. The Darkness.

So I just finished playing through The Darkness again. I haven't touched it since I finished it the last time, which was back in 2007 when it was released. I still think it's a fantastic and heavily underappreciated game.

Anyway, since the game is made by Starbreeze Studios, a swedish developer, there is a lot of grafitti and lettering spread about the game that is in swedish. So while playing through it this time, I acitvely looked for swedish words around the world. This is what I found.

"HATA ALLA!" Or "Hate everyone!".

"AIK", A swedish soccer team.

Hard to make out, but it says "Katt", which means "Cat".

"TANT", a word used in swedish for "old lady".

"SLAKT". Which means "Slaughter".

Not really swedish words, but at least it's swedish something. It says "Swedish Smorgasbord take-out" :D.

"Herr. A". Which is pretty much "Mr. A".

Not really a swedish word either, but "øl" is Danish for "Beer".

"Bjorn", almost "Björn", which means "Bear".

"STATY!", meaning "Statue!". And "FRITÖS?", meaning "Fryer?".

Advertisement for some band called "POLIS BATONG", which means "Police baton".

"STHLM". An Abbreviation for "Stockholm".

"ruttengubbe", basically meaning something along the lines of "rotten old man".

Not really a word, but a name. "Krille P". "Krille" is a common nickname for someone named "Kristian". Or it could, and probably is referring to the person who is believed to have killed Olof Palme in 1986. Since "Krille P" is a common nickname for him.

An english and a swedish word. "FOLK", meaning "People".

"GULDTAND", meaning "Gold tooth".

"LÅST", meaning "Locked".

"RUMPA", meaning "Ass". As in, someone's ass, not someone being an ass.

"Skurk!", basically meaning "Thief", "Bad guy" or "Villain".

I don't think this is an actual word, but it says "Läskväska" which would mean something like "Soda bag".

"Hårdrock", meaning "Hard rock". As in music, not an actual rock.

A picture of a bear with the word "Björn", meaning "Bear".

"KULT", meaning "Cult". Or it could mean that something has had a cultural impact on society.

"BÄVER", meaning "Beaver".

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that I could find. It was fun looking for all of them, because none of it makes any darned sense :P.