Dark Souls

Playing Dark Souls right now currently at Anor londo fixing to fight Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner smough. Any tips of defeating these two bosses.

Currently I'm playing with a Wander Character LV 50 with Uchigatana +10, and Chaos Blade +3, with lighting Spear +2.


Extra-Life gaming Marathon Nov 4 through 5 starting at 7A


Change my goal to 300 still trying to get my plans together for my next marathon list of games I be playing onor Monday an Tuesday Nov 4, 5 starting at 7A on Monday Morning. On


Halo 4, 8 hr

Crysis 3 6 hr

Max Payne 3, 10 hr

Goldeneye 007,6hr

Aliens Colonial Marines 6 hr

Call of duty Black OPS 2

Portal 2, 8 hr

wet, 7 hr

Dead Space. 11 hr

The saboteur 10 hr

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Game Franchise

I noticed the other day at my game collections I got a lot of big game titles, hardly any new or originals games. I got the length games as Fallout 3 and