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Hey ho!

I'll gladly take that Killing Floor key off your hands if its still there! :)

Merry christmas regardless!

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The YouTube comments for that clip are amazing! Horrible, backwards, racist and embarrassing in the best way possible.

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Please just PM the mods and sort this out! Ever since HitmanAgent47 and AnimalFather disappeared, these forums have been lacking in rambling idiots! We need you...

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Anyone else having trouble with bets not getting registered? Even though it's saved me from some stupid bets, it's kind off annoying that I can't bet sometimes...

And we need Killer Whale vs Lavos!

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@extomar said:

You are being silly. Did you not just watch this video? Do you not read this and other thread? Suggesting she is suppressing discussion is a stupid argument to make.

How isn't she though? By moderating the comments or closing them down completely, she is making herself untouchable. She obviously targets her videos at a demographic who are not "gamers" (I hate the term, but what else is there) and certainly not people who are savvy enough to be on an internet forum to discuss said video games. The only way for criticism to reach her audience, would be through the comments and they are closed down completely. She only wants her views to be heard and not challenged.

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But are they as visible? What other way is there to criticize her while reaching her fanbase. Writing an email or PMing her with well thought out points won't change her stance on anything. I agree that most of youtube commenters are complete idiots, but in here Ted talk she basically lumps all gaming related forums together as one and labels the entire internet as trolls and haters. At no point does she want to create a discussion or encourage any form of academic discourse.

I think if you want to exclaim an opinion, you have to be prepared to defend it. She's never done so.

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@animasta said:

@brad_d80 said:

@jams said:

@rockyraccoon37 said:

Only watched the first four minutes and I do plan on listening to the rest, but so far most of her points of contention are from a position of an implied tone in Anita's video that doesn't exist.

I'd recommend you watch the whole thing. She starts off slow up until about half way through when she really hits her stride and starts driving the points home.

Like a jackhammer. Anitas stuff is so shallow and thin its easy to shred. Thats why she wont allow comments on her pages.

uh, no, she doesn't allow comments on her videos because the commentors from reddit, /v/, etc. are fucking disgusting and terrible people.

I don't always agree with Anita but I would turn off those comments too.

Why would she though? Her entire TED talk was just her gloating over the success of her kickstarter, thanks to the idiots that spew vitriol. According to her, they were the reason she managed to gain that amount of attention and money for her project. If anything she should be leaving the comment section open to further prove her point.

But that also means leaving an opening for actual, well reasoned critique and it'd sparking a debate which would endanger the radical feminist echo-chamber that she's created.

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To actually add something useful: Minecraft might actually be a good starting place for her to get used to navigating 3D space with a controller. For you and me, this is something we do instinctively even if the game never explicitly tells us how to look and move around. For someone with little history with games, simple movement is a pretty big obstacle.

I had a friend who did the same, stare awkwardly at the ground and sort of shuffle around instead of aim where she wanted to go and walk in a straight line. A week in Minecraft and she was building stuff that dwarfed my own creations. Now we're co-oping Saint's Row: the Third and she's complaining that I'm slow sometimes.

It'd be great if it turned out like that! Maybe I'll have her try GTA IV aswell and see how she handles running over some pedestrians...

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EDIT: Also, I have to continually remind myself that the idea of moving and looking with two separate sticks is actually an insanely difficult task when you first attempt it.

Both! Which is why I had such a hard time thinking of suitable games and made the thread :P

And yeah, I didn't think about that before either. Videogames must be hella good (damn Crysis 3 QL!) for your hand-eye-coordination.

But I think I'll start her off with something that could possibly be a mobile game and see where it goes from there. Preferably something that isn't too hectic and doesn't require precise timing. A JRPG would be a good fit, but I'm afraid that she'll lose interest if I have to spend half an hour explaining stats and status effects first.

Ilomilo seems like a good start and maybe Viva Piñata, but that's mostly because I want to try it...