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A relentless classic, Max Payne is a film noir masterpiece 1

Even after eight long years, Max Payne still remains as one of the finest third-person shooters ever made. With it's thrilling mature-themed story, over-the-top "film noir-style" presentation and awesome, fast-paced gameplay--Max Payne still holds up as one of the greatest games of the decade for the PC or even in the history.When the original Max Payne was released way back in 2001, it was widely considered a big success. Basically, for many reasons...Throughout the game, you play as NYPD detec...

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"Five Stars" are NOT enough to rate Mafia 3

Mafia is nothing short of one of the most beautifully crafted, realistically-lovingly animated, atmospheric, living breathing worlds I have had the pleasure to game in. Mafia is basically the most refined and sophisticated open-world shooter game released to date. It was initially developed for PC by a Czech based company formerly known as ‘Illusion Softworks’ and later (Mafia) was ported to PlayStation 2 in 2003 and XBOX in 2004.Mafia takes place in the 1930s, during the era of Prohibition, in ...

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Power Stone 2 (quick review) 0

Controls The controls are very basic, solid, simple and intuitive: Jumping, running, hitting, throwing objects, etc. these actions are very easy to execute, also the combos and combinations that can be used to defeat your enemies through the optimal configuration of the game that turns out to be convenient, seamless and easy to handle during the course of the battles. Graphics The graphics are satisfactory and very colourful; the physical appearance of the Power Stone characters and the app...

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