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GOTY 2016: the year of the FPS

Honorable mentions:

Superhot: really cool idea mechanics wise, but it's very short and the whole meta story thing is just an excuse for not explaining the gameplay.

Stellaris: potentially a fantastic 4X game, but in most of your games you will probably be bored by the lack of events happening.

No Man's Sky: a very relaxing game and with the major base building patch back on track on being an actual good game. But make no mistake: this game is still not much more than looking a pretty planets.

List items

  • So yea, DOOM could be, no hold on, IS on my all time favourite list too. It is THAT good. The singleplayer is the perfect blend of old and new. The soundtrack is fantastic. The game is a graphical masterpiece on both looks and a technical level. The multiplayer is underrated and super solid. SnapMap is a pretty fun simple leveleditor to use with a good amount of depth in it for more complex stuff. Truly one of the best shooters ever made.

    What a world we live in to see both fantastic action games and movies (Mad Max Fury Road) again.

  • The first Titanfall was a great multiplayer shooter and I'm glad to see the second game is not a step down (although not a 100% improvement on all fronts). Some things are a little different and there's more content, but the game still gives you that great feeling of speed and controlled chaos. It's not 100% perfect yet as the balance is a bit off (Tone being too much of cookie cutter Titan and you die a little bit too fast at times), the maps are not at the same level of the TF1 ones and the game searches for a completely new game every time instead of keeping the lobby together. But the addition of Networks gives you an easy tool for building a community and playing together.

    And there's a pretty solid singleplayer too. It's a bit short (around five hours), but it's a good combo of CoD style shooting, wallrun platforming and Titan combat.

  • Overwatch is the true modern shooter. Less focus on raw mechanical skill and more focus on coordination and adaptation with its MOBA like influences. The Blizzard touch is of course present and noone of the heroes are boring the play. Sadly the map design and objectives are very samey gameplay wise and the (still not very well optimized) ranked mode does creates that MOBA toxicity at times, but Overwatch has made its mark, impressive for a leftover from a canceled MMO, and is here to stay.

  • The one that puts the fun back into Battlefield. I guess WW2ish gameplay (because this prety much plays like a WW2 shooter) is still king for boots on the ground gameplay. The meaty weapons and vehicles combined with the fantastic audiovisual presentation creates an epic feeling of immersion. And you won't have to deal with all the modern bullshit bloat anymore (and those damn scout helicopters!).

    While the launch was miles better than the Battlefield 4 one, it's still riddled with smaller bugs like not being able to aim after being revived, vehicles disappearing, sound cutting out and many more. But luckily, they are not that frequent and do not hamper the fun this time around.

  • Devil Daggers might've nailed the software renderer look better than the actual games from that era. Who would've thought that such a style would become a new hip thing after 8/16 bit pixel art? The actual gameplay is quite simple, but because the base is so precisely faithfull and smooth and it also captures the skill and mindset of an arena shooter so beautifully, it's a joy to play with a very strong one-more-game aspect.

  • A joy to play, but sadly it was also a bit of a mess on PC the first couple of weeks and it's still not perfect. Stuttering issues when going above 30fps (which is why you want to play it on the PC in the first place!) and crashes stand in the way of a great open world racer. It looks and sounds good, has a nice positive attitude (none of the honor and bro bullshit from Need for Speed) and the handling of the cars is a good mix of realism and arcade. The open world is perhaps a little too generous in terms of progression, but if you can restrain yourself of bulldozering through the content, a lot of pleasant cruising awaits you.

  • With just Hitman, the series returns to its sandbox roots. A big map, the targets and a whole lot of different and entertaining ways to terminate them. The game is streamlined enough to point where it holds your hand to some of the ways of taking out your target, but you don't have to follow or even enable them.

    Its business model of releasing the maps one by one throughout the year is questionable since it kinda opens the 'season pass trap' to the impatient buyer, but the package in the end is filled with enough quality content and they keep things interesting with new timed elusive targets.

  • Does this game have problems? Yes. Kinda like Destiny? Sort of yea. Do I keep playing it for some reason? Yup. Shoot dudes and ladies in the head, numbers pop out and they poop loot on death. Looks pretty too, despite the usual Ubisoft downgrade.

  • When this was announced, people compared it to Nuclear Throne. But it is different enough to stand on its own and just a very good rogue lite/like twin stick shooter. The huge variety in weapons is neat and the enemy design is cute with its bullet theme. The pixel art in general is solid and the soundtrack sticks in your head. The shooting lacks the impact and ferocity of Nuclear Throne, but the different weapons keep it interesting.

  • A pleasant surprise that brings back the arcade style space combat once thought forgotten. The sound and music are really good and very new Battlestar Galactica like. The game is a bit content thin, but what there is, feels super tight. Cool to play in VR too.