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Street Fighter Bar Fights Megapost!!

This is also from G Unit Ver1's World, my Blogger blog.

Last night was an amazing night as I was at Street Fighter Bar Fights inside Jake's at Pasadena along with nearly 300 other crazy people to witness some amazing Street Fighter IV action among SoCal's best players. SoCal SF4 ambassador Ryan "Gootecks" Guiterrez put this whole event together spreading the word out to the community to come to this special event. Dogface from the Dogface Show was MCing the event and I chatted with him for a small conversation before the thing got started. The place was really packed and at max capacity as long it felt like an oven being inside watching all the madness in the main area, but it was hella worth it. As I thought A.I. Ranbat 2.1 was the best time I had in relation to Street Fighter IV, SF Bar Fights easily tops that as it was full of HYPE!!!

There will be a DVD of this whole event out sometime next month, but here's some YouTube footage and results from the amazing night.

Sanchez (M. Bison) defeats Bebop (Vega) 3-2. This first match definitely set the tone for the rest of the night as two of the hypest people I met put up an entertaining match. Later on, I was hanging out with them and Luka (The hypest man I met u could hear him everywhere) to spread the hype even further. During the Kai vs. Gootecks match, I had some first hit bets with Sanchez and that was fun stuff.

Keno (Balrog) & his mystery partner Fuson (Guile) (aka Team Video 94) defeated Dae (Chun-Li) & Bustabust (Abel) 3-2 (Team Denijin Arcade)
This team match was also hella fun as Dae took off his shirt as expected and played the whole match like that. Bustabust has the best Abel I seen personally as Fuson has currently the best Guile I seen too. Keno's Balrog was pretty much on last night as he had a 20+ win streak earlier at casuals and stayed that way during the match. In the end, Keno also took his shirt off and hugged Dae for a good game.

Another awesome highlight of the night was a random game called Roseball. This game is pretty simple as one Rose starts it up with a Soul Spark and other Rose reflects, so on. Watch this video above to see this awesomeness and as Kai said, "It is the greatest game ever!!"

Bobino defeats Ken I 3-2 in a Rufus mirror match. This one also went to the wire as it was full of Messiah Kicks and dive kicks.

Gootecks (Balrog) defeats Kai (El Fuerte) 3-0. As people like me, Sanchez, and Bebop were screaming "Teach me the infinite Kai!!!" Kai's Fuerte put up a good show and it is always fun to see an awesome Fuerte player in action even though Gootecks pretty much was in control. As mentioned earlier, me and Sanchez were at first hit bets and let's just say always bet on Balrog.

Paul "SoMuchDamage" (Sagat) defeats Mike Ross (E. Honda) 3-1. Another entertaining match as Paul's Sagat is one of the most patient and old-school style Sagats I have seen & u all know Mike Ross is the best Honda player in the West Coast. Obviously thw Honda/Sagat matchup is not good for Honda obviously, but Mike did what he could. Sanchez, Bebop, and Luka (the tall dude raising his hands in the pic above) were obviously rooting for Paul and u would hear "Mike, go back to Marvel" or random Sour Skittles comments during the match. Next time, I should bring buy some Sour Skittles from a vending machine to make things more interesting.

The main event of the night: Combofiend (Balrog, Viper) defeats Edma (Ken, Balrog) 5-2. This lived up the hype as these two guys are at a league of their own. Edma (pic of him above) has indeed the sickest Ken out now doing amazing link combos to EX hurricane kicks while Combofiend (pic of him below) does have the best Balrog now despite SoCal being known for the Balrog army these days in the SF4 scene. Edma did perfect Combo once during the match and the place went nuts.

And that was Street Fighter Bar Fights in a nutshell. It was such an amazing night and lived up to the hype. It was nice hanging out with the community chatting up a bit with players like Mike Ross, Sanchez, Bebop, Luka, Keno, Bobino, and other new faces that showed up. Thanks again to Gootecks for making this event happen and I'm looking forward to Bar Fights #2 soon.

Seriously, if u live in SoCal and love SF4 a lot, u should of came to Street Fighter Bar Fights. U missed out!!! It was just too HYPE!!!