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Classics of Love

+1 point for random title?
Not much changed from last week just work, sleep, eat, drink, musics. Im thinking about picking up a 4-string bass in a couple of weeks, i have been putting it off for too long, a new friend has expressed interest in learning an instrument so i figure it could be a good opportunity to learn to play music i with him. But we'll see how that works out.  If it does work out i'll definitely have to post some of out work here and get feedback though i don't think that will be any time soon.
I haven't really been exploring music outside of punk lately, i have built up anger that punk seems to settle. But thats not really a bad thing in my eyes. 

This band gives me a Dropkick Murphys without the celtic influence vibe, the chorus gets me pumped which is great when i'm trying to get through a work day as fast as possible. Next week i'll probably post something non-punk to add variety.

Cherry Relapsed. (Very Relaxed lolol)

 Sorry for the retarded title, Hard to think at 4 in the morning.
Over the past week I've been working on my new social links, so far it seems like things are working out pretty well but they do encourage my alcoholism, something that after the past few months I've told myself that I'm going to fix. Though the way i see it, as long as I'm not drinking alone or just to get wasted every night i should be alright. Overall I'd say my life is slowly improving. 
Musics! This is my attempt to add something interesting to my blog. Every new blog i post, ill post a song from an artist I've recently heard for the first time. 
This week is Cherry Poppin' Daddies, I've always heard of these guys, but from the one or two songs i did hear it didn't really peek my interest. Then i discovered this song thanks to Pandora.

It sounds much harder than most of their stuff and the lyrics ironically go well with what I'm going through right now.

Traps and ultimatums.

 Over the passed couple of months, most of my closest friends and family have either moved away or disowned me through some messy altercations. This has left me in a (hopefully) temporary bout of depression and a realization that i am finally, for the first time in my life, alone.
So because of a suggestion from one of my last, i intend to start keeping regular blogs rolling in from time to time to help keep my sanity in check (i dont need no fucking diary) and i figure there is no better place to do that than Giant Bomb.
So maybe i should start from the beginning, I dropped out of school when i was 16 and got a job in order to help support my mom, sister and nephew when my step dad left. I was put in that position out of a bad twist of fate and i don't blame anyone for it. But as time inched by i kept working 50 hours 6 days a week at a shitty minimum wage job with no sense of support from my family my main crutch became friends and co-workers. This worked out pretty well for a while, hang out with a friend or two on my day off and drink the night away, work during the day and play video games at night. Then i realized i wasn't getting anywere... I was literally stuck supporting my mom till she either decides to get a job or i move out and leave her jobless with an 800$ a month house to live in. I felt trapped in a house that i didnt want to live in and i have absolutely no way of getting out. Of course my alcohol abuse and friendships kept those realizations buried so for the majority of the time, i was fairly happy. 
Then about 4 months ago, one of my closest friends moved away without telling me which hit me pretty hard. Sure i had other friends to hang out with but none of them really cared about me, they were just looking for someone to drink and have fun with. This second realization of the friends i had surrounded myself with caused me to lash out at them, i became angry at them when i had no reason to. Eventually the invitations to parties and phone calls stopped, I finally had no one to hang out with, to talk to or to even drink with. I started drinking alone at bars, being sinical and playing people games of pool for alcohol, trying to forget the position i put myself in.
So now i have two choices to make with my life and i know that i am the only one who can make them now that i dont ahve any friends to sway me in either direction, to move out and try to live my life for myself for once or to stay where im at and try to rebuild my social circle and continue on.
Sorry if i got too personal but it helps me think about things when i type them out. Note this isnt a cry for help or anything, im not trying to get attention. Im simply reaching out trying to maybe find someone who has been through the same thing or someone who can offer some supporting words.


Chose my new avatar!

As awesome as Milo is, i think its getting kinda old. So ive searched the interwebz high and low looking for a new avatar and im stuck between a couple. 

 Matches my profile picture, Shane Macgowan is probably my favorite musician right now (inspite of the fact that he has no teeth) and he looks like the typical irish drunkard that im slowly but surely becoming.
 Matches my profile picture, Shane Macgowan is probably my favorite musician right now (inspite of the fact that he has no teeth) and he looks like the typical irish drunkard that im slowly but surely becoming.

 The hat I've worn every day for the past 2 years, its become permanently infused into my persona.. also Guinness is awesome. though the more i think about it, it would complicate things come Christmas time when everyone places santa hats on their avatars.
 The hat I've worn every day for the past 2 years, its become permanently infused into my persona.. also Guinness is awesome. though the more i think about it, it would complicate things come Christmas time when everyone places santa hats on their avatars.

 Simple, recognizable, the Guinness harp.
 Simple, recognizable, the Guinness harp.

So because im an indecisive mofo and because i like the attention, i leave it to the giant bomb community to pick my new avatar for me.

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Review.

 Most likely, you have heard the single, promoted out the ass by MTV and hundreds of radio stations around the world. A song with a pretty stereotypical choris and the same pop punk "lets go against the establishment but look like glam punk rockers while doing so!" attitude. So normally, i would support the hateful feelings towards the band.

 But, after giving the entire album a listen, my views have changed from "kill all the rock stars" to "I haven't heard anything like this since the 70's". I almost hate to say it, but after listening to the entire album front to back, this might be the best album that has come out after 2000. Does this change my thoughts or views on the band? Not at all, but they are certainly on the right track. With punk riffs and Melodic yet meaningful 70's rock lyrics with a bit of pop beat, you have Green Day, now add an album that has an almost opera-like quality to it and you get 21st Century Breakdown.

 The album starts off with and almost ere static and then opens up to a soft voice singing a catchy tune that sounds like something you would hear being sung at a civil war camp. Then comes a song that un-knowingly sums up what the entire album is about, its almost like a documentation of our generation, only with a slight "what if" twist on it. each song would certainly not stand on their own, but as the album goes on, song after song, they begin to tell a story often giving you that "It all makes sense now" feeling while always leaning on each other. This is a quality that i haven't heard from an album in a long while, and certainly not from a band like Green Day. And while some of you are probably up and arms ready to flame me or try to tell me that X album has that same quality too, all im going to have to say is listen to it yourself, granted if you never really liked any of Green Days' material you most likely wont like this album. But for those of us who can appreciate all forms of music, sit back, close your eyes and enjoy.

Track List:

Act I: Heroes and Cons

1. Song of the Century
2. 21st Century Breakdown
3. Know Your Enemy
4. ¡Viva La Gloria!
5. Before The Lobotomy
6. Christians Inferno
7. Last Night On Earth

Act II: Charlatans and Saints

8. East Jesus Nowhere
9. Peacemaker
10. Last Of The American Girls
11. Murder City
12. ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)
13. Restless Heart Syndrome

Act III: Horseshoes and Handgrenades

14. Horseshoes And Handgrenades
15. The Static Age
16. 21 Guns
17. American Eulogy (Mass Hysteria/Modern World)
18. See The Light


1. 21st Century Breakdown

2. ¡Viva La Gloria!

3. Last Night on Earth

4. Peacemaker

5. Restless Heart Syndrome

6. Horseshoes and Handgrenades

7. 21 Guns

"Know Your Enemy."


Grammatizator. (Rise Against)

Rise Against released a new vinyl through Fat Wreck Chords not too long ago with two brand new songs.

(note: not for those who hate hardcore)


Sounds like they are trying to make up for the disaster that was Appeal to Reason, now the only thing they need to do to make me happy is to sign back up with fat and release a new record with more of their older style material.

though that will probably never happen.

Edit: Forgot to add the link, you can order it from the Fat store

NOFX - Coaster review.

 Normally, i think that all reviews on music are just excuses for people to talk crap about a band or to try and put them up to super human levels. But this is a special kind of review, I'm not going to use any fancy words to try and describe some special note the guitarist may have used, or point out any stupid meaningless crap like "the drum was off beat in the middle of the song!!!!". This review is just something i wrote out that may or may not be interesting to read to a fan of NOFX or just punk rock in general.

 NOFX Is known for being an unpredictable yet stereotypical punk band at the same time, they dont make albums or play at shows to entertain the audience, and they have expressed that many times in a lot of their songs. They simply play because they like to and they are damn good at it despite what many of the band members may think. Ive listened to nearly all of NOFX's stuff from thier wierd yet funny songs such as "She's Nubs" or "My heart is Yearning" to their political and some-what intellegent take of religion like "Franco Un-American" or "Leaving Jesus Land" and everything inbetween, this album is no exception. With songs like "Blasphemy (a victimless crime)" or "Best God in Show", they are sure to offend some thiests out there, then songs such as "We Called it America" stay true to the politics practiced in NOFX. This album has all of the stuff they are famous for, ska, punk and just sheer awesomeness. Some might say that this album isnt very different from any of their other material, and those people may be right, but in this case that isnt a bad thing. While it may be similar to their older stuff they still stay true to their unique sound that has taken them over 20 years to perfect while still keeping their important lessons that they have adopted in the past 10 years.

Track List:
01. "We Called it America"
02. "The Quitter"
03. "First Call"
04. "My Orphan Year"
05. "Blasphemy (A Victimless Crime)"
06. "Creeping Out Sarah"
07. "Eddie, Bruce and Paul"
08. "Best God in Show"
09. "Suits and Ladders"
10. "The Agony of Victory"
11. "I Am An Alcoholic"
12. "One Million Coasters"

 The album starts out with a fast paced song about how America has lost its glory over the years, it has a pretty homely tey fast melody to it,. The second song is pretty similar only with a diferent tune and message behind it, only the melody behind this song seems like something you can sing along to. The album then changes into some pretty good punk songs that are some-what melodic compaired to the first two. Keeping true to NOFX tradition, there is a slow paced ska song in the middle of the album that kind of calms you down a little until it turns back into angry fast paced punk again.

"We Called it America"
"The Quitter"
"Blasphemy (A Victimless Crime)"
"Creeping out Sarah"
"Best God in Show"
"I Am An Alcoholic"

A pretty good album despite its simularities to older albums and while it might not stand up to some of their classics like "Punk in Drublic" or "So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes", it still holds its own. Very highly recommended to anyone who likes any form of punk rock, But will this be the album to revive all the shit punk music that has been coming out lately? No. But is it a kick ass punk album? yes.

4 Mowhawks out of 5.

"The leaves are weak"
"the leaves are weak?"
"The fuckin leaves are weak?!"
"you're weak."


Ah... Takes me back.

So its time for a Rise Against update i guess... New song released on Guitar Hero called death blossoms, and unlike their new album, it doesnt suck.
(shitty quality)


kinda takes me back to their older stuff.


Oh Empire: Total War... how I yearn for you...

So i thought i had it all planned out. Last month i bought Rome: Total war on steam for 10 bucks so i could brush up on my strategy skills (Campaign map skills, not battle skills, Armour and swords =/= guns and cover) it was awesome, i began building up hype for Empire: Total War and started to get really good at managing a huge empire. So about a month passes of me playing Rome: Total War almost exclusively for about 20 or so hours a week and i begin saving up for my one game a month budget that i set up for myself so i dont end up homeless and/or without electricity to play games. I had it all saved up around 80 bucks (to buy the special units version), and today much to my surprise, i open up my bank account online to see what my balance was so i can get the game through steam and there it was, 11.56 USD.............................

I begin to freak out.. Mind you i am the type of guy that doesnt even freak out when his car stalls on some train tracks with an on-comming train (true story). I immediately pull up the account history and i see two charges on my debit card, one for 29.99 and one for 39.99 from a company i dont even know about. I call up my bank and ask them wtf is up and they tell me to call the company that charged me. So they give me two different numbers and i call both of them. The first one was a hispanic lady who immediately asks for the last 8 digits of my card number to varify that im the owner of the account. After going through all that bullshit she ends up giving me the name of the guy who put the charges on the card... My own fucking brother. Needless to say im quite pissed that my brother stole 70 bucks from my account, but what really pisses me off is that i found out he used it to buy a subscription to a fucking porn site. The lady ends up refunding my money and puts my brothers name into some sort of porno black list so that he cant ever buy porn again or whatever (lol). But it turns out i wont get my money back until next week at the earliest. So my plans for awesome game time (which i almost never have anymore) turned into looking for my brother and beating the shit out of him.

So the lesson for today is dont trust family.

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