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One of the best WWII shooters you'll ever play. 0

Following the previous games, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway puts you in the shoes of Sergent Matt Baker as you lead a squad and fight in the historical Operation Market Garden. The game leaves a good first impression as it helps you get back in touch with the band of solders you have learned to know and love in the first two games. It also gives you a little refresher of the first two games if you haven't played them in a while. While it does take a while to get into, it does a good job of le...

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One of the best RPGs to be released on the PC. 0

Four years after the original and highly rated Neverwinter Nights, Obsidian steps up to the plate to fill in Bioware's shoes for a sequel worthy of the great RPG title "Neverwinter". First thing you need to do is create a character, You have loads of different races and classes to choose from to make your character completely unique and in-tune to your play style. The classes will vary from strong melee only classes that deal out (or recieve) loads of damage to mighty wizards that and kill a hor...

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Very hard game to review... 0

I have spent many hours on reviews, not just on this site, but many others and i must say this has been a very hard game to review. It is going to be hard putting everything i love and hate about this game into a few paragraphs. That in itself just says how big this game is. Medieval II: Total War is the fourth game (not including expansions) in the Total War series, The first three were one of a kind for its time period, it was unheard of controlling massive armies in one single map, and cont...

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Good things happen when Disney and square collide. 0

Were to start.. I simply love this game, All of the Disney characters kind of make this game seem like a kids game, But the combat and Final Fantasy aspects say otherwise. You start out as a teenager named Roxas in a town called Twilight Town, The beginning takes a while to get started, you basicly find out what has happened sense the last kingdom hearts and how Roxas is connected to Sora. So for the first hour or so of the game, you are basicly watching little videos and learning the basics o...

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Best RPG of 2007. 0

A lot of things could be said about mass effect, Awesome storyline, Replayability, Great character customization, and the list goes on. About 100 years in the future, mankind discovers an artifact on mars that advances their technology by 200 years, making space travel and general living something unheard of today. humans call it a miracle... Other alien races call it.. Mass Effect. You start out about 200 years after the discovery as a human named Sheppard, a solder for the human alliance, you...

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Graphics, check, storyline, check, awesome, check. 0

Set in the year 2020, Crysis has you running through one of the least likely places you would think to be in the future, the jungle.. But not just any jungle, this one happens to be filled with thousands of North Koreans. Why they are there is unknown, so the United States sends in a special ops team to the island to find out. You take control of the character Nomad, with your nano suit you are probably the most advanced and deadliest solder on the battlefield. Coming along with you is Jester, P...

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