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Top ten 2013!!!

2013 has been a hard year just to say the least, we all continue on our lives and our beloved hobby of playing video games always thinking of the man, the myth, the legend, Ryan Davis.

Its also been a great year for video games, this year marks the time i got not only a 3DS but a PS vita, haven't played much of the vita since i only got it recently but the system is awesome, the 3DS on the other hand woah, excellent game library so without further a do here we go.

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  • Link to the past is the best Zelda game ever made, don't you dare argue with me. i love that game and this one is such a good love letter to the people that have had to hang out with all these OoT lovers. But even if you haven't played a Zelda game before this one rocks your socks off excellent world design with just enough tweaks to the environment to make it feel fresh, amazing dungeon design and the music best music of 2013, i can say nothing but good things for this game.

    One last thing this is the only 3DS game i have played to completion fully in 3D i can't imagine playing the game with out it on all the time, looks gorgeous.

  • What hasn't been said about the last of us already? the characters are nothing short of amazing, i feel for them every step of the way, maybe im easy to please but it was as good as any movie i like or show and merged pretty well with the game play, never found it to be too hard or too easy and i liked playing with the bottles and bricks easy pick for me.

  • Oh Dragon's Crown, your art might be the biggest mask in all of this, so deceptively in its content, sure its extremely sexualized but the world feels that way, kind of like in Conan the barbarian world. But the game play is fantastic, i too once thought you could no longer make new beat'em ups but this game mixed with some dungeon crawler elements has achieved it, now i got to beat it 2 more times because its that good.

  • Glory to Arstotzka comrade.

    I did not play the free version of this game but i did watch Drew play this on UPF, and i thought it looked really neat, then hearing Ryan talk about it on the podcast made it sound even more fun. Finally the game came out in its retail form and i bought it, the game is like work but fun, the way it tells its story is great and the things you do i didn't think they would be as engaging.

    Papers, papers.

  • I love this series, rpg's specially japanese rpg has been my favorite game genre since i can remember, this game is not as good as Bowsers inside story but still hits the right notes, the combat is never too difficult but is always engaging, if i was tired i could not play it or do well at it and is one of the few games i think looks better in 3D.

  • Fire emblem is also another beloved Nintendo franchise, most of Nintendo's games are pretty stuck in their ways, this game even if not much seems to be keeping up with the times, lots of interesting classes, new relationship mechanic had me playing matchmaker and actually enjoying it and the story served its purpose fun fun fun all around.

  • Ah Ni no Kuni, jrpg at its finest! and the art is beautiful, the story is charming, the characters are all great and lovable, Oliver might be a little crybaby at the beginning but thats when Drippy high lord of the fairies comes in, he's just great, highly recommend it if you like really long jrpgs.

  • Man, BioShock is wierd, theres always a man, a city and a lighthouse, this game has really cool story if you can let yourself loose in it because it can be torn apart really easily but i liked it and i found myself engaged to it the whole way, combat was ok but the way the enviroments and the city and i gotta say Elizabeth and Songbird are both really important elements for my enjoyment of this game.

  • Dust came out last year on XBLA, i got it this year on PC, i only didn't get it then because my 360 burnt out and i decided not to replace it, if id known how good this game was i would of gone and bought one in that same moment, this game has great art, good story, excellent combat, and i liked all the characters in it, their voices and their motivations, this is a must play for pretty much anyone that likes video games.

  • !

    Metal gear!? it can't be!

    Well it can, this game is flat out crazy, the combat is great chopping enemies to bits always feels satisfying, Raidens ninja motif finally shines, the boss battles are all great specially the final one "Nano machines, son", it barely touches upon the overall Metal gear solid story by bringing in a few characters but its one heck of a fun ride.

  • The rest of the games aren't ordered in any particular way its just the games i played this year.

  • Pokemon actually has a story now? yup, its ok and you get alot of beloved pokemon straight out of the gate, visuals are nice and new type, great game to come back to the series if you've missed a couple like i did.

  • I played Lego lord of the rings and thought it was good for a lego game, but this one actually was a good game, maybe its because i like marvel more than the LOTR universe but i had alot of fun with this one.

  • I loved playing this game, more than i thought i would.

  • Tomb raider uncharted style, in a year with no uncharted this was a nice game.

  • It feels like they jumped the gun a little with this one, still very good game.

  • Mexican theme metroidvania? this game is AWESOME!.

  • Had alot of fun playing this game, can't wait for MK10

  • DIVEKICK!!! Love this game.

  • This game would be alot better if not for those stupid skull blocks.

  • Great little game.

  • Im betting this game would be in my top ten if i had played it more, as of writing this ive only just got super sprint and super jump.

  • Well, maybe not this one, this is a pretty bad game only just barely recommended for die hard fans of the anime.