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With the holiday season officially over and the new year blues sinking in...

Its time to start uploading all the holiday gaming videos from Daryl and myself. Mostly Far Cry 3 as this is one awesome game. So dynamic and random, never a play session goes by without some kind of awesome chase or fight with a tiger happening. Some of these have been showcased for your viewing pleasure over at

we also take a look at many peoples GOTY and start a playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the new DMC Devil May Cry and start a new world in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

Take a look and see what you think. All comments and feedback appreciated.


Who remembers Empire's Stars! ???

Back in 1995 when my family got their first PC with its 200Mhz Pentium with MMX technology and a mahoosive 2GB hard drive running good old Win 95, there was a lesser known TBS game by the long dead Empire Interactive known as Stars! (complete with exclamation mark).

It was not pretty or fancy, it looked very much like some kind of windows program and lot that much like a game. You designed your race, ships and researched new technology and sent your people off to colonize new planets, mine new minerals and wage war on the computer races with the overall goal of conquering the galaxy. It was truly epic as you built up armadas in order to vaporize the enemy worlds, sent off huge fleets into space to engage in turn base space battles, tried endlessly to send out a fleet to grab the ever elusive mystery trader or wandered into the constantly moving wormholes to transport yourself across the map and start up a whole new side to your Empire.

Throughout all this you never got a 3d view of space or to see what your race looked like, graphically it was not appealing but with a little imagination, this could be the best star trek or star wars simulator you could imagine.

i just dug it out of my loft and put it on my laptop and IT RUNS! Someone needs to pick up the mantle and remake this game. I know it had a downloadable sequel way back when while never took off but i think the time is right to bring it back. Who else has fond memories of this game?


A Dream of Mine...

Myself and a friend of mine have had this idea in our heads for quite a while and never really known how to go about it. Lets put aside just for the moment that we have no knowledge of business whatsoever and focus on the idea. I know these things have been done before mainly cyber cafes etc but i was thinking more along the lines of the following.

wall mouted tv's with 360's and ps3's hooked up with large sofas around for group gaming sessions. Imagine a large open room with about 20 machines running. Not sure whether it would be feasible to get it all hooked up to live to actually have online or who you would go about networking them together form the group play as i have only ever either gone online myself. Live has roaming profiles now doesn't it?

Maybe better to have a private network though i guess for more of a community feel. Can arrange leaderboards and tourneys etc and ideally would have a lounge area and possbly a cafe type area involved as well to be more social.

Basically a kind of friendly place that kids and young adults (or older) can come and play games and be social at the same time and even their parents can come chat or drop them in while they shop etc. I was thinking about setting this up or more accurately thinking about thinking about setting up something along these lines as a business and wondered what peoples thoughts on the idea are.

As i said no business knowledge so not really thinking about that side of it right now. I mean the most i have thought about that is comparing it to a local snooker club which basically charges me about £7 for 2 hrs so would consider similar rates and taken into account various leases and licences and bills etc. I have only run the most basic on numbers for estimated potential income and expenses.

Consider this the beginnings of market research. If such a thing was open in the centre of your town or city would you go? What would you want to see there or more appropriately what would attract you to a place like this to play your games socially?

Obviously i am in the UK but would certainly be keen to hear the views or experiences of similar things in the US too.

All thoughts and opinions appreciated.


Some shameless plugging...

Its a tough world out there...

Specifically i am talking about Youtube. There are a lot of people producing high quality gaming videos and commenteries and it hard to find a place. Never the less myself and my friend have decided to start up a channel in which we have called ourselves "bubgamerz".. because we are Bub!

Our videos are amateurish at present but we are getting better grdually and would appreciate people taking a look, subscribing and commenting on how we can improve, what they would like to see.

Everyone has to start somewhere eh.

Thanks everyone, heres the link to our channel


Walking Dead...

So back in April when The Walking Dead Episode 1: New Day came out... I loved it!

Telltale said that they would be releasing an episode every calander month. That deadline has now passed and has left me wondering where Episode 2 has gotten to. Is something wrong at the studio? Delays?

I would like my next walking dead fix asap please Telltale...


Rock hard

Oh my god I am so stressed now. I have been attempting to get the cheevo on Trials HD whereby you have to complete the Groundhog Returns level without moving you dude about. Attempt 200... not happening! Its only for 15G so why do i care... why have i not simply gone meh and moved on with my life. I am stubborn and determined that eventually no matter how long it takes me i will not be defeated. I have even said to myself i am not allowed to buy Evolution until i succeed at this (although theres a fair chance i will change my mind on that come pay day)

Anyone else still not got this, or struggled getting it or had a simlar experience and bout of determination with another game?


Last Weekend (17th/18th March)

This last weekend my playing habits were as follows.

Firstly I sank a little more time into Assassins creed Revelations. Still not a whole heap into it only on Memory 4 i do believe having done the first Desmond Sequence as well. So far i am liking the additions to the game (yes even den defense is ok) although i agree completely unnecessary. Had a few matches of multiplayer which i remember being half decent at in Brotherhood. Apparently i have lost my touch though as i got quite owned most of the time.

I hit the half way point in Alan Wake. Without mentioning spoilers (or not proper ones anyway) i have just had a nice chat with Dr Hartman. I am loving this game. So moody and atmospheric... whenever the fog surrounds me i get all tense thinking oh here we go. really hoping the end doesn't dissappoint and i am diefo gonna be getting both dlc packs for it.

Upon recommendation i bought 50 Cent:Blood on the Sand and i have to say i was very shocked because i am actually enjoying it. Imagine Grears but hilarious and with hip hop gangsters instead of locust. Not going to win awards but damned good fun.

completed Brink with my fellow commrades co-oped both campaigns including what if missions. Just gonna have a crack onto the challenges now and see what we can rinse from that. Have to say considering all the stick that this game got (and continues to get) its not that bad. it plays well enough and the inovation of the interwoven single and multiplayer is quite genius. True the objectives are slightly repetitive and the story is weak but its not a bad idea. Sure they could do wonders with some fan feedback on a brink 2.

I also hit the PC big time as i downloaded 2 MMOs in the shape of DC Universe Online and Star Trek Online to try out as they are ftp now. can't really commenton either yet as i haven't spent enough time with them to know if i will become a regular player or not. I shall cover this at a later date. I also downloaded Microsoft Flight which although i never thought would be my cup of tea, i quite enjoyed once using my 360 controller on it as mouse and keyboard did not work out to well.

Anyways that me for the weekend i'll be back shortly...


2012 Predictions

Ok so we are now a few months into to 2012 and so far i have not bought a newly released game for this year. Sad times! This will however soon change and i will make an effort to both catch up with the few games that have already released and then continue to keep up (ish) throughout the year. So with this in mind i thought it best to come up with a list of where i think my top 10 will end up at the end of the year. If i do it now then i can compare it come the end of the year and see how the two weigh up. So without further ado... counting down...

10. Max Payne 3

9. Minecraft (xbla)

8. GTA 5 (if released)

7. Resident Evil 6

6. Darkness 2

5. Assassins Creed 3

4. Prey 2 (if released)

3. The Witcher 2

2. Bioshock Infinite

1. Mass Effect 3

Potentially there a few that i reckon could sneak in and push 1 or 2 out so i'll say the following are potentials to keep an eye on. Aliens: Colonial marines, SSX, I am Alive, Far Cry 3, Silent Hill Downpour

What are peoples thoughts and predictions i would interested to hear comparisons and views?


Used Game Market...

Option A

People can't afford to buy new games

People buy used games

Game developers lose money

Games developers make shitty games and/or go bust

Option B

People can't afford to buy new games

Game developers prevent used games (or add additional pricing in form of online passes in current gen)

People don't buy any games

Game developers go bust

Whats the way out of this situation? I would buy every new release that came out if i could afford to but alas like the majority of the population i cannot.

LOSE/LOSE as far as i can see??



Once upon a time when i was a child i really really wanted a Game Boy.

For some reason the idea of having Mario or Tetris in my pocket was amazing and i was desperate for one of these fantastic pieces of handheld technology. Today kids enjoy their 3DS's to the same extent but something is different. I get the feeling that the market for handheld machines is slowly coming to an end. I do not think it will be soon or that it will disappear completely but the desire for handheld gaming is a very different desire than i had when i was a boy.

The highly publicized launch of the 3DS did not shock me in the sense that it was a huge disappointment and gamers a currently going through the exact same experience with the launch of Sony's PS Vita.

I think the reason for this change is that of mobile gaming. Apple with an app store with pick up and play games at 0.69p is enough for your average person. Children are the only guaranteed avenue for a dedicated handheld now as who else has the time to get really stuck into a session on Uncharted on Vita when they are out and about. More often than not we go out for a reason and do not have the time for a lengthy gaming session. That is why the rise of the app store has been welcome. it provides enough of a quick fix for your average gamer on the move. Only a child who is on a car journey or been dragged somewhere with their parents is likely to have enough time away from home to play a decent amount of time.

besides if i have the choice of playing Uncharted on my PS3 or a Vita, which am i likely to spend £40 on honestly. I just can't see the handheld market lasting much longer (or more accurately a dedicated handheld market) with the advent of mobiles and the price of the current gen of handhelds.

What do others think? What are peoples experiences with their 3DS or Vitas, PSPs etc?, who has them here, who has kids who have them here? where do you use them and for how long at a time?

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