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I remember being pretty defensive about this game at release, but I do still like it. I was given it for free as some kind of consolation gift for being one of the five people that bought the moba-y Q force (still the only Ratchet game I haven't completed to this day) This version was super busted when I played it. One mission just kept crashing at the exact same point where I had to screw in one of those big bolts, but for some reason it eventually worked.

I remember my biggest disappointment beyond the stupid name change for Europe was that it seemed to relegate the series best character to an afterthought (although as you pointed out, everyone's an afterthought beyond the villains and news anchors) I don't know why, but at the time it felt like they were trying to just make these games all about Ratchet. I kinda welcomed the focus towards shooting at the time, and I'm still a little amused that they were like "fuck it, everything goes to level 99 now" The core PS3 games managed to balance the shooting and platforming a lot better... But this game has a spider tank!

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I'd echo everything Justin says other than UYA being the best in the series. A Crack in Time pretty much perfects and balances everything in the series really well. It has insane action, platforming, big open world sections and not only has a good story is about on par with UYA for its comedy. Clank also has the best Clank sections he's ever had with some fun Braid-esque time puzzles. They expertly keep the characters away from each other for such a huge chunk of the game it's a real "Fuck yeah!" moment when you're playing Ratchet and Clank again.

I've always been a little disappointed with Tools, and the remake is a good place to start but ultimately most of the complaints in that video are spot on. Nexus is also a really, really good game that both stands as a great epilogue to the PS3 games and a real love letter to the fans. I still can't believe Sony sent that game out to die by releasing it on the same day the PS4 launched.

Deadlocked/Gladiator is a good time, but they clearly took too many things to the extreme, almost eliminating platforming completely, but the weapons do all go to lvl99. The most unforgivable thing in that game is how much they sideline the series best character, Clank.

The 2D platforming bits in UYA were really novel at the time. There wasn't a barrage of nostalgic 2D platformers at the time, and it was a fun distraction. Now they're not so great (and even worse if you want the trophy) but the ghost pirate story that accompanies them is hilarious, and is finally paid off in the future games. UYA is a very, very funny game, mostly thanks to the combo of Lawrence/Nefarious. A lot of it is very specific to the time, but I've always been amused that they hint that Quark has had sex with a monkey in what a lot of people see as a kids series.

I kinda hate edgy Ratchet from R&C.

Don't play the PS2 ports of the handheld games.

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I never post on here, but I'd quite like to play some games with people that would rather heal me before I bleed out than loot a crate right next to me.

UK time (but that doesn't mean anything, who needs sleep!) PSN - seamonsterking

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@jeff: I actually thought that might be the case earlier and made a really, really easy level, but it hasn't gotten me any stars yet. I've had far more success with a short gimmicky level, but that's only gotten me seven stars so far.

The stars thing is really ruining a huge part of the game for me now. The ten level limit is a huge pain. I enjoy making levels far more than playing a lot of the auto/star spamming/masocore levels. I really want to make and upload more levels but I really like the ones I have put a ton of thought into. If I take them down then I'm limiting my chances of getting new stars. None of them are super hard, but they're not just go from left to right platforming levels, and most of them have really, really low completion percentages... which generally means they have very few stars.

Being able to upload 25 levels from the start or have a message that's like, "Oh, you spent ten hours in the creator, have ten more levels" or something is the way they should have done it.

I star any level I come across that isn't an auto level, just because I know how much of a pain it is to not get any stars.

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Now that I've had the game for a bit I've made some more complex levels. It's kinda sad that so few people have finished any of my better stages, as I spent a ton of time testing them to make them good.






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Man. Tales from the Borderlands was the first one of these games to break for me. I loved the first three episodes, but I lost all of my progress at the start of episode 4, I restarted the game after all the episodes were out and then it reset my progress after the second episode. It went from being one of my favourite games of the year to this thing I mumble about under my breath.

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I made some levels, I've only had the game since yesterday, so the tools I had to work with were pretty limited. I can't wait to start making some SMB3/World levels in the future.


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April has a bunch of stuff now. Quantum Break, Ratchet , Dark Souls.

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@dussck said:

Wait, when can you buy the chunks? I'm halway NG+ and still can't buy blood stone chunks :(

But yea, finally I can try out some other weapons instead of that damn Axe :p

Right after The One Reborn.

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Bulk Slash on the Sega Saturn!

Also, Elevator Action Returns on some Taito collection on the PS2. That is a game with stylllllleeeee.