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Games that are probably the most greatest games in the world that are because I said so and stuff!

A list with a bunch of games I completely adore.

No order beyond number one.

List items

  • Seriously! Tanooki suit, Hammer bros suit, Frog suit, Kuribo's Shoe, Warp whistle... P-WING MOTHERFUCKER! (*)

  • I have no idea why I have never thought about putting MM2 on this list as it's one of the most cleverly structured and tightest action-platformers I have ever played. Perfect difficulty curve, a huge degree of freedom and one of the best soundtracks in any game ever.

  • The best licensed game for a saturday morning cartoon that never was. The paper thin story, intense action, weapons, levels, music, quirky characters, boss designs, spaceships... Everything about this game is perfect. Pick up and play fun. Treasure at their best.

  • Whoosh! while Chemical plant zone in 2 is easily Sonic's standout moment in any of his games, Sonic 2 suffers from a few problems nobody ever brings up like getting stuck in areas where the only way to continue is to die and tails losing you all of your god damn rings during bonus stages!

    Sonic is pared down to perfection. Every stage more exciting than its last and full of absolutely brilliant music. Sonic was easily my favourite of the mascots when I was younger.

  • There was once a summer holiday when I was a young boy where I didn't care for food, drink, films, tv or even girls I had crushes on.

    I used to wrap a red neck tie round my head and play Street fighter 2 for hours.

  • The first game I felt like I had complete freedom in. It amazed me that I could pretty much go anywhere provided I had the tools to do so. The moment where you went to a dark world and turned into a pink rabbit blew my mind. The first Zelda I had ever played, with great music and outstanding art. (*)

  • The first Really atmospheric game I ever played, the opening sequences were like something from a movie, the sound and music once you land on the planet give off a real sense of isolation and dread. (*)

  • I think about the Corneria level music in my head all the time.

    There's never been an on rails shooter with as much personality as this does.

  • I think I spent like 12 bazillion years playing this. It took me forever to realize I had to grind, I had never played an RPG before and couldn't quite get the hang of leveling and whatnot. I'd love to have the patience to play through this game again.

  • I owned this on the SNES and loved it with a passion. The popular kids wanted to be my friend at school when it was released as they were all too old/cool to be buying games at that point. (idiots) All of them wanted to play my copy of MK2. I think I lent it out to like 15 people... One of those motherfuckers stole it!

  • Steampunk shooter with RPG elements before the term RPG elements was thrown about everywhere. It looked gorgeous on the Amiga and had cool little sound effects, explosions and was full of interesting enemies and strange secrets hidden within the levels.

  • Love the story, yep, even more than VII, even if the bad guy is Sephiroph-lite.

    The ending is awesome too.

  • This game has six songs, all of them are brilliant but its beauty is not the on disc songs but trying to master anything in your CD collection.

    I once played Painkiller by Judas Priest which was surprisingly easy.

    Anything by Duran Duran is ridiculously hard!

  • I gotta believe.

  • Metal, guns, explodey chunks of meat... MEATAL! (*)

    The first PC game I owned. from the second it was installed it blew my mind, and to this day still one of the finest first person shooters out there.

  • I played Resident Evil 4 three times in a row, and then another two times about a month later. One of the few games I know completely inside-out. Every enemy spawn, trick, treasure and exploit, and I love it. The control system is fine and the set pieces absolutely insane. It was the first game to really integrate its cinematics into the gameplay seamlessly. The Krauser knife fight is absolutely brilliant to this day.

    I finished it on Pro with a broken PS2 controller. (*)

  • Much more memorable than Shadow of the Colossus. I adore that too, but it always felt like you had a better connection with Yorda, she is so vulnerable and can be snatched away in an instant while Agro is invincible and will come running from a million miles away to be by your side.

    The puzzles are wonderfully designed and the final sequences of the game absolutely stunning. There hasn't been another game quite like it.

  • The best Zelda game not made by Nintendo. Absolutely gorgeous and annoyingly one of those titles that came at the end of a the PS2's life. Far more surprisingly and less talked about, Okami has a warmth and sense of humour unmatched by many games of it's type and that will stick with me far beyond it's visual beauty. (*)

  • nah-nah-nah-nah nah-nah-nah-nahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (*)

    Even dogs love Katamari!

  • Absolutely nuts, a masterpiece. It's hard to single one of the main series, but MGS2 just completely fucks with everything you loved about the first game, including its main character, and in the process turns Solid Snake into such a huge icon, a hero... THE hero.

    A badly written, under edited, brilliantly planned work of art. (*)

  • Wonderful soundtrack and amazing art. One of the most fun games I have ever played. It has that Sega arcadeyness to it. Grinding on rails and skate-by-spray painting are just a joy. It's a very easy game, but full of colour and personalty.

  • antsantsantsants

  • One of the nuttiest games I have ever, ever played that can be explained away in one word "Japan". It has a flawless combat system and some of the best boss battles I have ever seen in any game. This mixed with a real love for other video games and some ace artwork make this one of the most memorable and brilliant gaming experiences I have ever had.

    It's so good I bought it twice!

  • It's easy to forget about how impressive this game was. The single player was exciting and had some really powerful moments, but my main focus was a years worth of time put into multiplayer Search & Destroy. The ranking system was unrivalled at the time, always dangling a carrot in front of your face whether you were new to the game or had been playing for 50 hours. Everything about the game plays so well.

    It's a shame they fucked up so bad for the sequel.



  • Possibly the best shooter ever. I have always flip flopped about having one of the Gears games on this list, but after discussing the game over time I have come to the realization that it does almost everything it sets out to do perfectly. The campaign is emotional, varied and exciting, and Horde 2.0 is unmatched as a co-op experience. Packed with content and full of personality, it's ridiculous that it took me as long as I did to put it on this list.

  • Probably the best fighting game ever made. (*)

  • It is insane to think that 2D platformers would be so popular in 2010. The thing that makes Meat Boy stand out from the crowd is that its difficulty while very, very high is far more approachable than many of the other indie massocore darlings. Tiny levels, instant respawns, perfect controls and a ton of levels to go and try if you get stuck show some incredible design. Oh, and some of the best music in any video game ever.

  • I've always tried to keep this list under 30, but 85 hours(and counting)and an intense love for the art, music and structure of this game, this feels like a pretty natural inclusion. So much content in what initially seems like a bad flash game, very few games do I feel like I'm still seeing new things at 60 hours in. There's always an unfair room or a run that ends abruptly. but when things go from terrible to swinging wildly in your favour that joy is rarely matched. Best £3 I ever spent on Steam.

  • I wouldn't make a statement about a game like this unless I was 100% certain about it.

    Titanfall is the best first person shooter I have ever played.

    By meshing the fast paced on foot of Call of duty, adding parkour, and then throwing in some giant robots, Respawn have made one of the smoothest, exciting competitive shooters out there. I don't think anything comes close from a movement and accessibility standpoint, with many matches playing out like the highlight reel from many other games. It's effortless to look cool in Titanfall without ever sacrificing the need for genuine skill to do well in matches.