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I Guess It's Time to Introduce Myself to Biant Bomb...

Hello there.

I came here from Gamespot, known as gameeer1 over there... I came to this site to see what will happen in the future.:)
As you can see, I am gurfunklebunker on Giant Bomb, a word that fellow user BladeRunner made up, and since it sounds so great, I decided to use it as my username. As far as I can tell, the site still needs work on it, but I enjoy it, although I don't post here as much as I do on GS... The Wiki option for the game pages doesn't make me feel as worthless to this site, since I can actually contribute to it...:D
Anyways, I'll be making more blog posts here on GB, just starting off by saying "Dobro don" ("Hello" in Croatian).:)
Have a nice day!:)
EDIT:Lulz, thanks for pointing the mistake out Goran...:P