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Lets get this out of the way first, I love Total War so I'm probably a little biased but so what. The last game in the series Mediviel II was insane. You could manage taxes for cities, instrument economic brake downs of nations, of just plow the fuck over them. This leavel of complexity certinly turned most of to the games. Which is understandable considering big battles could last up to three hours. But for Rts wierdos like my self  who wish to run every aspect of a nation down to the smallest ...

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It's a solid shooter with a compeling story 0

Brother in arms Earned in blood is a WWII shooter. But wait it gets better don't leave! The game sets you in command of a paratrooper squad droped in just before the landings of d-day. Narrated by the main charecter being interviewed by a war reporter. You are to be droped in the middle of france to sabbatouge key areas and make the landing on Normandy easier for the allies But just before you and your squad make the jump out of the plane the plane is hit by an anti aircraft gun shell and are fo...

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