Day 0

 For the last week I have been thinking about how I'm going to document my trip to Canada. Last year I took photos of most of everything I did, and captioned all of them. I found it to be a really cool way to tell the story of my life overseas. And for whatever reason, I didn't really want to do that again. Or do just that again. Today I was sitting in Sydney airport waiting for my flight and again my mind turned to what I was going to do to about telling everyone what was happening, and how I was feeling, without put a camera in everybody's face. Then it hit me. I'll write. To be honest I stink at writing. I never write enough and I tend to use the same words a lot. But I thought it would be a great chance to get better. So please bear with me. I don't really know how I'm going to do it. Weather I'll write small notes each day and put them together at the end of the week. Or do something more like a story of things Stirling in my head. I do know I will spell a bunch of words wrong or just use the wrong words so please don't tell me.

As I write this I'm on my way to LAX. The lights are out and I'm wearing my flight booties. It's only quarter past seven New Zealand time but I've been up since 3:30. I've taken my sleeping pill so I'm sure I'll be out soon. I'm by the window and there is nobody next to me in the middle so that's nice. The guy in seat C is from Europe somewhere but he's good. I gave him my salad from "lunch". There is this Indian women in the seat in front of me that keeps look at me like I have offended her or something, who knows what that's about. I guess this last bit it pretty boring. I hope I better at this. Oh united airlines suck! The cabin is ghetto as! and the crew wouldn't give me the time of day. But I'm on my way so I'm not too fussed.

I'm a little nervous about how things are going to be when I get to Canada. I feel like I didn't really leave Camp on a good note last year. Things changed so much in the fall. It was a hard time looking back on it.

I hope I can rebuild my relationships with everyone again. In and out of camp. I'm meant to start training the morning after I arrive. I hope my body clock adjusts just was well as it did last time. I got really lucky. I must have got just write amount sleep (or lack of) so when I woke up the next day I was in perfect time with Winnipeg. I get the feel this time won't be as easy. Lets see what happens. I'm really looking forward to seeing my mates again. Yano and Eric are great guys! Ok I've run out of music to listen too so I guess i'd better try and sleep. Ok there goes a yawn. If you got this far in reading then thanks. I hope you liked it.

I'll try and write again soon so my first experiences back are fresh.

I love you Mum and Dad
Miss you Kahukura and all the Boys (you'll know who you are)
And I'll miss my Church

Pray for me




If your ok with going back to old greats, GFW holds up very well!
1up has them archived: 
Also someone made a "Best of GFW Podcast", It's 3 hours long in two parts and it's very good. 
And just in the last few days I started listening to Idle Thumbs from the start and they're really good!

I think the reason these two podcasts hold up so well is because the guys on them have the perfect mixture of being super smart about games and the industry as a whole, and they're funny as hell!
So this is where I would start.

I've also gone back and listened to 1up Yours from the time Luke started which was also very good I remember.