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Best Baddies

Be it villains I love, or love to hate, all the best villains (in my opinion) shall be included in this list.

Still under construction, which is why not all have descriptions yet. Also, somewhat in order. But not really.

List items

  • In my opinion, Dagoth Ur made a much better villain than Mehrunes Dagon. The more modern graphics and system made Oblivion look better, but the Sixth House Cult was far more chilling an adversary than the Mythic Dawn. The nightmares he gave you and the antics of his deranged followers made him a genuinely disturbing and scary dude. The only thing that threw it off a bit was his voice actor.

  • What an awesome character. Probably the most intelligent, foresighted character in Mass Effect. You want to hate him for being so callous... But in the end, you have to respect him.

  • My favorite Warcraft character. Although I would argue that he isn't really a villain, after all everything he did was to try to save his people. And even after being outcast, he still bands together with his brother to save Tirande when she is in in danger. He's just a little misguided and misunderstood. And awesome.

  • The classic boss of Shining Force, Darksol is a very memorable character with an interesting design. I recreated him with SoulCalibur V's character creation system with startlingly good results, which I thought was cool.

  • A tragic villain, really. I'm not sure I really consider him a villain, not totally. He's pretty twisted, but he's always driven by good intentions. He's just... confused. And a little bit psychotic.

  • The evil Dark Jedi who seeks to harness the power of the Valley of the Jedi in order to rule the Galaxy. Unfortunately for him, he runs into Kyle Katarn, who ends his reign before it begins. Still, he is one of the most difficult bosses I have ever faced, and very well portrayed.

  • A very interesting villain, everything leading up to his boss fight was epic... And then they made him a total pushover. But he's still pretty cool.

  • Using the Force to hold his body together long after he should have died, Sion is pretty much a zombie Sith. While not the main villain of the story, he plays his part well and at some points he is downright scary. Props, Sion.

  • One of the most endearing bosses of all time. GLaDOS is hilarious.

  • I don't play WoW, but Arthas made a good villain in Warcraft III and its expansion, the Frozen Throne.

  • Though it's true that the man inside the armor is not truly evil, he has been bound to the will of the Emperor. He makes an imposing boss, and one of my favorite characters in Jade Empire.

  • Darth Revan's traitorous pupil plays the role of Sith Lord quite effectively. He's an intimidating and formidable boss. Darth Vader would be proud.

  • When Siegfried Schtauffen took the cursed blade, Soul Edge, he lost his humanity. When Siegfried was freed, Nightmare became his own being. Now, in Soul Calibur V, he apparently has a new host that has not yet been revealed. -cough- It's Raphael -cough cough-

  • Kind of an elitist jerk, but somehow still a cool character.

  • My favorite villain of Tekken, though Kazuya doesn't always play the part of a villain. The Kaz-man is quite awesome.

  • He's a backstabbing coward. But he's a backstabbing coward with initiative, you've got to give him that. XD

  • Vayne plays to role of the cunning and deceptive villain quite well. I thought he made a very good villain.

  • Zasalamel was a pretty awesome villain in SCIII. He could take Algol any time.

  • The boss of the classic Golden Axe games. Like I did with Darksol, my brother recreated Death Adder in SoulCalibur V and he turned out quite well. He even colored Astaroth's axe gold so that it looked like the Golden Axe, lol. It's pretty cool.

  • Frieza is my favorite Dragon Ball Z villain. He's just ridiculous and funny enough to love, and yet ruthless enough to take seriously as a villain (at least as far as Dragon Ball Z goes).

  • Although he was a pain in the neck to fight, Saturos made a great boss and a cool character in Golden Sun.

  • This seemingly crazed inventor is one of my favorite characters in Final Fantasy 12.

  • The sinister villain of the first game in the Soul Calibur series, Soul Edge (Blade). Cervantes comes back in each installment (though my favorite iteration of him is in SCIII). He's is one of my favorites. Fun to play as, and quite the badass to boot. Plus, you can't get much cooler than a zombie pirate.

  • Between Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors (though especially the former), Cao Cao has proven to be one of the most resilient cusses in gaming. He just won't die!

  • From Street Fighter 2 to the current day, no boss has caused me to shout abuse at the television quite like Bison.

  • The evil karate guy of Street Fighter. I never liked Akuma until recently, as I viewed him as just a knock off of Ryu and Ken. He's grown on me over the years, and his Shun Goku Satsu move is enough fun for me to forgive him.

  • Doctor Doom plays the role of a villain quite well. I've always liked him more than the Fantastic 4.

  • The scourge of Hyrule, and Link's eternal rival, Ganon(dorf) is a classic baddie who deserves a spot on this list. Though I'm still not 100% on the difference between Ganon and Ganondorf.

  • GoldenEye has some pretty awesome abilities, thanks to his cybernetic eye. It's cool being able to play as a villain in the game, and I think I have to admit that I like him more than 007 himself.

  • It was always one of the more fun things to do in Dynasty Warriors to try to kill Lu Bu when you were supposed to run away. It takes a lot of patience, but it's worth it to whipe the smirk off this arrogant punk's face. Lol. Koei seems to play up his inhuman strength and skill more and more as the series progresses... But at the same time, he's easier to fight in-game. Disappointing.