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Favorite Female Characters

Here is a list of my favorite lady characters in games. Sort of in order. Kind of.

List items

  • It's pretty hard to find a more endearing character. She's a very relatable, human character... Which is funny, because she's an alien.

  • I have this theory that it's impossible to not love Noel.

  • Cute and badass ninja princess that was my favorite party member in Jade Empire. She seeks to find the truth about Death's Hand and his part in the decay of her father's empire.

  • No Talim in Soulcalibur V <\3

  • The fantastic leading lady of FFXIII.

  • Eiji was may favorite character from the fabulous RPG, Gladius. She's the best ranged character in the game and has a cool role in the story once you get far enough. And she has an awesome accent.

  • My favorite Knights of the Old Republic girl. She was one of the most interesting party members, fun to get to know as a character. She's a little creepy, but that's part of her charm. XD

  • Just kidding! Not really, though. Xianghua rocks.

  • Great character, and I loved messing with Bastila when she was trying to be serious. "How old are you?" "3012. Healthy living, you know?"

  • My favorite Virtua Fighter character. It's hard to top the cute Chinese girl using monky style kung fu, which gets very little attention in games.

  • My favorite character in Sacred 2. I built her into a battlemage, which is my favorite class. She has an awesome, quirky, and funny personality, is a good fighter if your train her to be, and is a beastly mage.

  • The lover of the Prince of Persia, Farah is one of my favorites. On more than one occasion, without her providing archer support I wouldn't have made it in the Sands of Time. Of course, on more than one occasion she also shot me in the back. Oh well, Farah. I forgive you.

  • In the beginning of Infinite Undiscovery, Aya's kind of a jerk. Later on, though, she isn't quite as abrasive, lol. Overall, she's a funny and cool character and one of my favorites from Infinite Undiscovery.

  • She makes a good replacement for her mother, Xianghua, in Soul Calibur V.

  • Possibly my favorite fighting game ninja chick.

  • Gideon Wyeth's fiancee in Advent Rising. She's a pretty awesome chick.

  • She was okay in ME 1, but actually became pretty awesome in 3.

  • Though Natsu is a close second.

  • I've only recently begun my expedition into Dungeon Siege III, but Katarina has already proved herself to be one of the most fun hack-n'-slash game characters I've ever played. She has a lot of high damage ranged attacks and some cool magic abilities that really set her apart.

  • Not so much a fan of her fighting style, but I do like the character.

  • One of my favorite Dynasty Warriors.

  • The brave heroine of Beyond Good and Evil.

  • Although I prefer Farah, Elika is a good companion and her and the new Prince's banter is quite funny.

  • Awesome girl from King of Fighters. She reminds of Sakura from Street Fighter, though I'm not sure which was around first.

  • My favorite in the old Golden Axe games. I haven't played Beast Rider, and I heard it sucked, so I don't really plan to, lol.