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So much better than the first... 0

I wanted to like the first Assassin's Creed, but found the mission structure too inflexible. It was a nice looking game, and I enjoyed the running around on rooftops, but the actual game content wasn't what I'd hoped.  Assassin's Creed 2 fixes those problems. While the mission structures are often similar (you eavesdrop, track, and murder, followed by an escape), individual mission feel so much more open and free that it's almost an entirely different sort of game. While the first game's mission...

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Shadow Complex: A Review 0

Having grown up a PC gamer, that meant that I never really got to play the best of the old-style platformers, Metroid being one of them. Sure, I played a few times but never made it far into the game. So when I saw Shadow Complex, I was a little doubtful. Being a fan of Orson Scott Card, the novelist on whose book this game is based, I took the plunge.  I'm very happy I did. The game manages to pull together the most addicting elements of modern gaming: free roaming (for the most part), item col...

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: A Review 0

What made the last Harry Potter game relatively enjoyable (for a movie tie-in) were the solid visuals and exploration. This more recent attempt, however, only manages to make the last game look even better.Hogwarts still looks very good, for the most part. The layout of the school has been firmly established, so if you've played the previous games in the series, you'll mostly know your way around. There are new areas, of course, which are woven together with the older parts of the school quite w...

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