A rant regarding the problem with HD fanboys.

A Quick Look of the just-release hack-and-slasher Muramasa:  The Demon Blade was posted on the site today.  Aside from Ryan's inexplicable reluctance to find out what the B Button does, the video does a good job of showing just how pretty the game looks in motion.  It's an excellent game and one of the best Wii games yet.  From the time I've spent with it, I'd recommend it to anyone with the console.  It's just a shame that any time a game like this comes along, there's always that group of knuckleheads that feels the need to post comments like these:
"I would play this if it was on PS3, PS2 or X360
No thanks to a Wii version though"
"Man, I'm really sold on this game but I don't think I'm ready to buy a Wii just yet... I wish it would come to 360 or PS3."
"If this was on XBL Arcade, I'd be willing to pay 15 bucks for it.  But nothing makes we want a Wii."
"Can't help thinking that this should have been a downloadable PSN/XBLA game. Too bad."
"word, I want this game in HD."
I can understand not wanting it if it's not your cup of tea, or if you just don't have the time or money for it, or in general just don't have the interest.  But seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you guys?  The moment a Wii game that would appeal to a crowd other than the casual party game player comes out, you leap on it like a bunch of starving wolves, only to reject it for the fact that it's on a console you don't like, or you're too spoiled to play it in anything other than HD.  What does it matter if it's in HD or not?  It's a beautiful looking game in the resolution it was made for.
This generation has done nothing but produce a bunch of graphics whores of the worst kind.  They ignore the beauty that exists in a game's art, pay more attention to hardware specs, and don't believe a game is worth a disc-based release if it's in 2D.  Apparently, as consoles become more powerful, the people playing those consoles are becoming progressively dumber.  It's depressing, really.
And I say all of this despite owning both a Wii and a PS3.  Why should I ignore a fun game on one console because of some petulent desire to play it on the other?  If a game is engaging and looks gorgeous on less-powerful hardware, why should I ignore it if I have the means to play it?  Why should I announce to the world that I have no interest in the game if the sole reason is that it isn't on an HD console?
In other words, why should I make myself look like a hardware-elitist douche?