Hailinel's 5000+ Post Count Blog Spectacular!

Huh.  It seems I have over five thousand posts.  I guess this calls for the obligatory blog post in celebration of an ultimately meaningless milestone.  Four thousand more, and I can legitimately reference the following meme and actually have it mean something:

But enough of that.  Let's talk about some of the games I've been playing as of late.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

 Despite not using laced shoes, he'll believe you if you tell him they're untied.
 Despite not using laced shoes, he'll believe you if you tell him they're untied.
I'm a pretty big Kingdom Hearts fan.  I've played most, but not all of the games in the series (I have yet to start Chain of Memories).  358/2 Days was my favorite game of last year.  The latest game, Birth by Sleep, has been a blast so far.  I've cleared two of the three primary storylines and have approximately half of the third to go.  It's great seeing all of this backstory unfold, and it finally clarifies what the heck was going on in that secret movie included in Kingdom Hearts II:  Final Mix.  That all being said, Terra, one of the three protagonists, is the most trusting, naive, gullible fool I have ever seen.  He's an adult, and yet falls for ploys that wouldn't bamboozle a five-year-old.  Granted, Kingdom Hearts is a series that has always been known for chowderheaded protagonists, but the level of dopiness put on display by Sora and Roxas is an endearing trait.  In Terra's case, it makes me want to break out the Picard Facepalm.jpg.


On the subject of Kingdom Hearts, I'd like to address a point that has always baffled me.  There's a contingent of fans of the first game that like to complain about how Kingdom Hearts II ruined the series by making everything dark and taking the story away from being a fun jaunt through various Disney worlds.  To these people, I'd like to ask the following question:
Were you guys seriously paying attention when you were playing the first game?  Because the first Kingdom Hearts is filled with some incredibly dark material.  And it certainly wasn't a happy jaunt filled with sugar and rainbows, let me tell you.  Worlds have been destroyed and torn apart.  Traverse Town is filled with refugees of such worlds.  There are nasty people doing nasty things.  And then there's Ansem, who can't stop talking about the "DAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEESS!!!!"
Yes, the game has a sense of humor and plenty of light elements.  But to suggest that Kingdom Hearts II ruined the series when the first game was arguably darker than the sequel is just a teensy bit bizarre.

Killin' Lots O' Dudes!

Seeing as I'm probably one of maybe three people in the entire Giant Bomb community that actually bought and is playing Samurai Warriors 3, I think I should talk about it at the great risk of this section being summarily ignored.  Samurai Warriors 3 is a game I've been waiting to for for quite some time.  Samurai Warriors 2 has long been my favorite entry in the Warriors franchise as a whole, stretching across the many and numerous Dynasty, Samurai, Gundam, and soon Fist of the North Star games.  My forum avatar is a character from said game.  Or to put this in a different context that might be more effective on some of you, I picked up both Samurai Warriors 3 and Dead Rising 2 the first day that each was available in the same week.  I have yet to even insert Dead Rising 2 into my PS3.
But why, oh why do I waste my time with these shitty ass Warriors games, you ask?  Well first of all, they aren't "shitty ass."  Secondly, if you're going to use that adjective, hyphenate.  ("shitty-ass.")  And thirdly, because I enjoy them.  Simple?  Sure.  A little mindless?  Maybe.  Fun?  Oh hell yeah.  I was first introduced to the Warriors games with Dynasty Warriors 3 back in college, and I've been a devotee of them ever since.  This isn't to say that I gobble up ever entry with mindless abandon.  I was not fond of some of the tweaks made in Dynasty Warriors:  Gundam 2, for example, and while the renbu system in Dynasty Warriors 6 is crazy fun, I prefer the battle system of the Samurai Warriors series.
And seriously, sometimes after a long day at work, there's nothing better than firing one of these games up and taking the stress and frustration out on hundreds of dudes by chopping them in the face with a serrated-edged sword.  Ouchies.

Another Obligatory 5000th Post Spectacular Celebratory Youtube Video


Halloween Gaming

The annual day of ghosts, goblins, and Tootsie Rolls is only a few short weeks away.  And it's on a Sunday, meaning that I'll have all day to celebrate as I see fit.  And what better way to celebrate than to have a mini-marathon of horror?  So far, I have three Wii titles that have been sitting on my shelf, in my backlog for months.  I'm sorry that this fate happened to Silent Hill:  Shattered Memories of all games; I bought it months ago and have yet to even start on it.  But I'll finally be giving the game its due on October 31st, along with a couple of lesser known (and possibly just lesser in general) Wii horror games.  Cursed Mountain and Calling.  I'm thinking of slipping a fourth game in there.  Maybe I can find a cheap copy of Ju-On:  The Grudge for cheap.  (No, I can't believe that they made a game out of that film, either.)
In one way or another, Halloween will prove to be entertaining this year.  Or, depending on the quality of some of the games I have lined up, excruciating.  I can't wait to find out.

My Third Cup of Tea in the Past Hour

I'm drinking it right now.  Yes, it's caffeinated.  Why do you ask?

A Nod to a Villain Most of You Don't Care About

Ah, Lavos.  The big bad of Chrono Trigger.  The cause of so much pain and suffering.  An evil entity that lives only to annihilate.  Well, Lavos, I say to you, fuck off.  This section of the blog isn't about you.
No, I want to stop and give a nod to Queen Zeal.  The often overlooked monarch your influence drove batshit insane.  The creator of one of the most sadistic dungeons I have ever played through.  A woman that wouldn't give a second thought to murdering her own children if the result would bring her REAL.  ULTIMATE.  POWER.  Also, she looks better in an orange dress than you ever will, you moon-sized space porcupine.

This woman is goddamn insane, and I love her for that.  And that hair.  She is the embodiment of style in the nation of Zeal circa 12,000 B.C.  Also, 1980s America.
This woman is goddamn insane, and I love her for that.  And that hair.  She is the embodiment of style in the nation of Zeal circa 12,000 B.C.  Also, 1980s America.

Teal Deer

Because I know some of you are thinking that right now.  Giant Bomb's community is awesome, and here's to sticking around for another 5,000+ posts.


Your shoe is untied.