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I wrote this little thing (it's not actually a little thing):

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A Mother's Day List of Video Game Mothers

It's that special day of the year when we give our mothers a little bit of extra thanks with a small gift, a Hallmark card, and maybe a nice brunch. Well, video game characters have mothers, too, so I thought I'd highlight some of those special ladies.

List items

  • From Chrono Trigger. Devoted to keeping the house tidy and getting her son out of bed on time, Crono's mom is also tolerant of her boy coming home with all manner of strnager, whether they be chivalrous anthropomorphic frogs or cave women with a poor grasp of modern dress.

  • Also from Chrono Trigger. She loves her children about as far as she can throw them into the gaping maw of Lavos. But she's better at wearing orange than Crono's mom, that's for sure.

  • Also also from Chrono Trigger. Bitter after being crippled by her husband's machine of unexplained function, it's possible to fix her legs and her outlook through a trip to the past. As far as I am aware, she has not tried wearing orange.

  • From Final Fantasy XIII. Brave, but overmatched, she ends up dying going along with Snow's reckless plan of action. But give her a gun and she'll go out and shoot dudes, dammit!

  • From EarthBound. Always ready to give encouragement a phone call away and cook her son's favorite meal, Ness's mom is always there for her son. Doesn't mean that she can't take time out for her dance aerobics, though.

  • From Game & Wario. Do not let her catch you playing video games after bedtime. I said don't. YOU FOOL! YOU HAVE INVITED HELL'S WRATH UPON THEE!

  • From Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Deirdre's entire life is screwed over more than any other character in the series I can think of with the exception of her husband. I mean her first husband. The one she was married to before the bad guy brainwashed her into forgetting him and marrying someone else. And she ends up dying protecting her daughter from her son. (I mean, her evil son from the brainwashed second marriage and...her family tree is kind of messed up.)

  • From Fire Emblem: Awakening. Though she's not Chrom's only potential bride, she's the closest one to being his canon wife because the game's opening movie says so. She's incredibly clumsy and kind of ditzy, but put her on a Pegasus and she can slap dudes around alongside her daughters.

  • From the Soul Calibur series. She fights to protect her children. At least until she's killed off-screen after Soul Calibur IV. As it turns out, without her, her children grow up with some serious issues.