Capcom characters I want to see in a future Versus game.

List items

  • Mayor of Metro City. Pro Wrestler. An incredible mustache. This man deserves a comeback.

  • Her move set would be incredibly limited and her dog Hewie would end up doing most of the work, but that's part of the charm of the Versus series. Characters that are terrible at fighting somehow become awesome fighters.

  • Dino Crisis may be remembered as the kind-of-slow cousin of Resident Evil that hides in the background at dinner parties, but Regina and her guns would work well in this sort of game. Also, DINOSAURS.

  • Did I say dinosaurs? Yes, I did.

  • Because people would throw a hissy fit if he wasn't on this list.

  • A personal favorite from Breath of Fire II. Those games don't get nearly the recognition that they deserve.

  • Alternate costume? Boxer shorts, of course. Also, you'd need to play through arcade mode all the way through with him twice in order to see his ending.

  • This dude is just too random and small time not to include.

  • The whip makes her a better fighter than Phoenix would ever be.

  • Dude, I'm willing to forget that bomb of a PS3/360 sequel. Can we still be friends? I mean, after you get a haircut?