E3 2012

A list of the things that excited me and interested me the most at E3 2012.

List items

  • No, it wasn't specifically shown or demoed, but Nintendo let it out that it's coming to North America. This is the news that I so wanted to hear.

  • From what they showed at E3, I'm excited for this.

  • A zombie survival game for the Wii U (with hopefully a lot less in the way of buggy weirdness than Dead Island) sounds pretty fun.

  • I've never played a Pikmin game before, but that won't stop me when this comes out.

  • The 3DS sequel to Luigi's Mansion looks better and better all the time.

  • I admit, the promise of the improvements made to the game for the Wii U Razor's Edge edition sound great.

  • I'm mostly interested in this because I want to see how close David Cage comes to fulfilling his promises before inevitably fumbling it in some crazy, Matrix-like way.

  • Oh. Yes.

  • Show me what ya got, Boon!

  • PlatinumGames on Wii U could be an entertaining combination.