Favorite Wiki Pages That I Have Contributed Toward.

This is a simple list of some of my favorite pages that I've contributed toward, for one reason or another. Some of them, I did the bulk of the work. Others, I may have only added a game or a concept or two. Either way, I like them.

List items

  • Holy Christ. I spent more time editing this page than any other across nearly every aspect, from the article text to the most esoteric of concepts that could legitimately be associated with the game. Obsessive? Yeah, probably. But looking at some of the other wiki pages and their top contributors, a little north of 3,000 wiki points is still pretty small potatoes.

  • According to my wiki history, Ike's page is the first page creation submission that I had approved, way back in the first days of the site when everyone and their mother was rushing to be the guy to create the Tifa Lockhart page. Those were chaotic times.

  • Yes, it's a bad game. But damn it if I didn't at least give it a chance. Probably more of a chance than it deserved, honestly. But I felt compelled to fill in the wiki for it.

  • I'm not anywhere even close to being one of the top contributors for this page. Far more people took far more time to fill in every last exacting detail during the height of the P4 Endurance Run. But that collaborative effort managed to create one of the best wiki pages on the entire site.

  • Of all of the concept pages I've created, this one is probably the most commonly used and referenced. I was honestly surprised that no one had created it before I had gotten around to it.

  • When the wiki task system was first instituted, this game was one of the first and biggest tasks I took on. I'd love it if someone with even more knowledge of the game could flesh it out even more.

  • There are roughly a hojillion Dynasty/Samurai Warriors pages that I've contributed toward, but I just have more of a fondness than Nene than any other. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just the absolute hilarity of the way she's depicted as a ninja housewife (housewife ninja?).

  • Another big team effort I contributed toward. Beware the true form of Jonathan Frakes!

  • Another page creation of mine, though others pretty much came in and made it their own. (Call it Castletroid and I will end you.)

  • Another page creation of mine from the site's early days, I also wrote the bulk of the article text as it currently stands upon this list's creation. What can I say? I'm a sucker for psychotic women with ridiculous hair and garishly colored dresses.