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I wrote this little thing (it's not actually a little thing):

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Looking Back at 200K: My Biggest Wiki Contributions as of 5/2/2014

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  • 3082 Points. Yes, this game gets a lot of hate. Yes, it has problems. But even as the years have passed, my contributions to this page remain the greatest in terms of wiki point calculation formulas over which I have no control.

  • 2914 Points. As was the case with Other M, my work on the page for Lightning Returns was motivated entirely out of both my interest in it prior to release and my enjoyment of it post release. This game is fantastic and I can't gush enough about it.

  • 2187 Points. Ah, Fire Emblem. This was a page that was in dire need of some work, and I gave it the work. Honestly, it could probably use a little more work. I forgot to include any sort of description about the Knight class. Whoops.

  • 1713 Points. Speaking of Fire Emblem, most of my work on the Path of Radiance page came during the era of Giant Bomb when point bounties were offered for completing wiki tasks overseen by the staff and moderators. In this particular case, the task was to rewrite a hefty chunk of the page that had been previously plagiarized from elsewhere. (Are we getting wiki tasks back any time soon? Yes? No? Maybe?)

  • 1507 Points: My work on Kid Icarus: Uprising came mostly around the game's release, particularly while I was busy also adding and editing various pages related to it. Actually, this page could use some more work, as the story is surprisingly deep and touching for something that starts off so goofy and referential to the original NES game.

  • 1496 Points. As much of a Warriors fan as I am, this particular game has gotten more wiki love from me than any other. A lot of that has to do with how unique it is in a number of ways, not the least of which being the crazy mode based on an old Japan-exclusive Famicom title.

  • 1248 Points. The Last Story is arguably the weakest of the three games that Operation Rainfall campaigned for Nintendo to release in North America, but it was worth it to me.

  • 1227 Points. Trauma Team's page is one that I did a lot of work on, but I feel I could have done a lot more. The crazy mix of gameplay styles, along with the story and characters, presents a lot of ground to cover that couldn't just be easily summarized as another Trauma Center game.

  • 1074 Points. OK, my history with this page is kind of odd. Back in the day, I was the one that made the submission for the page's creation. I had also written a fair-sized article for it. And then one day, a WM staff member PMed me to say that he had accidentally wiped the page and asked if I could rewrite it, as he had apparently intended to use it as an example in a business presentation. Or something along those lines. My memories of that are foggy at this point. But I rewrote the page, and I got a nice little wiki point bonus tacked on for my efforts.

  • 1045 Points. And at #10, we have Unit #031 herself, Labrys. I ended up writing a lot about her just because she is easily the best part of Persona 4 Arena's story mode.