So I'm Trying a Shiny Pokemon catch challenge thingy..

Ive got some free time,

and I've got a copy of Pokemon Y lying around. I learned how to do chain fishing, and got some shinies from it so far. soo.... I'm thinking of doing a "challenge" of sorts and try to get as many shiny pokemon that can be fished up from the sea. I plan to give them away when I'm finished, but only if people are interested enough in the idea.... so anyone interested with this?

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Ryan Davis, we're going to miss you....

I'll be honest, I never thought I'd have someone I've only known across the internet would have me reduced to tears. but when I think back, I think I understand why.

I didn't come into GiantBomb at the very beginning, I only learned about it from a guy named BlazeHedgehog back in 2009, when GameTrailers was still fun to go to. I didn't do that much when I started, except some wiki editing, and I really got hooked in it. however, it wasn't just that. I started watching mailbags, listening to his humour whenever they was a quick look, and eventually, I got around to listening to the bombcast. I could really appreciate his humour, it was different than what I usually experienced. also, Giantbomb had become a large part of my internet life for a couple of years, so even though I really didn't think of it, I kinda saw the bomb crew as friends, who were way more informal than a traditional gaming site, which had me always feeling relaxed whenever I came to it, and Ryan is a part of the formula that just made me keep coming back for more.

Ryan, Thank you for helping to make Giant Bomb what it is, you have my respect.


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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Blind Run!

hi guys.

The paper Mario run hasn't worked out so well, due to my life suddenly getting turned upside down about the time when I started to record the gameplay, so there hasn't been any playing of that game from me, recorded or otherwise.

thankfully, a gracious friend allowed me to borrow this gem, and since my knowledge of the story stretches as far as the instruction manual, I figured I'd treat you guys to a blind run of the game.

I'm playing this on normal difficulty, and will try to keep everyone in my team alive and see if I can pick up a few hidden characters along the way.

Sit back relax, and enjoy!

EDIT: A big shout out to ZombiePie, who thought this was good enough to reach the Community Spotlight! Thanks!

Here's Part 2,
Part 3
  and Part 4!

Giantbomb, What game should I LP?


ok, just to sort it out, It was decided (by an overwhelming majority) that I would do Paper Mario 2 for my LP. and I've done Part 1, so have a look.
I will try to do voice commentary, despite what I said earlier, to make things easier to flow.


SummerTime! it is awesome. Free time like mad, and I decided to make some use of my Time, by doing a playthrough of a game from my collection.
these are gonna be old-ish games, but definitely good ones, and Ive narrowed it down to these.

Prince of Persia - Sands of Time
Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons
Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color version - yes, there is one, and it is the full game)
Pokemon FIrered
Wario Land 3
Ristar (eventually, wouldv'e done Comix Zone, but its not in the US version of Mega Collection
Paper Mario - Thousand Year Door - this will be, after the first boss, a blind run.

yes, seven to choose from. I'd do a poll, but the GB engine doesn't allow me to do polls in blogs >_<

oh well. I'll check up on this in a while, and might do impending parts of each to intice you.
so, what do you wanna see people?

Winter X-Games for a first-timer!

well, last night was the first night I ever watched the Winter X-Games, (Ever, i think), and after just 2 hours, I can't wait to see what the Moore bros are gonna try next year. 

I also saw why Shaun White now has 4 Golds in a row. even though he had a bad first run, this man is pure power and control, and I expect so see him for many more years in this.
....what you were expecting more? I only watched the last 2 hours of it!

What a weekend!

whew, i haven't been in a situation like this before.
Friday afternoon, seems like a normale day, just finished class, just waiting in the computer lab until some of my extracurricular activites to start. the sky was a bit dark, but i didn't think much of it, just thought it was normal rain. anyways, that's how it is until about 4.40pm.
at that time i'm told to go home, there's a Tropical Storm coming (which, actually formed on Friday itself, and is like a mini-huriicane). so I pack up and scram,  quite bemused, as usually i know about these things about 2-3 days beforehand. there isn't muh to do at home,except pull in a few chairs on thew verandera and bring the plants in the garage. since i was still sick, i hit the sack early, but was going to get a rude awakening.
Saturday 4:00AM - woke up, dogs barkang after something. no electricity, rain was falling horizontally. and the wind. oh where do i door, trees looked like they were breakdancing. and breaking. the ravine near my house, which normally is dry, was overflowing on my neighbour's land, and we had to clear in the middle of he wind and rain. trees all around you were breakikng and falling. In all of this, i didn't have it as bad as most people, many who hadtrees fall on their houses and cars, even their roofs blown clean off and everytihng inside destroyed.
Most of the island has no power, some places, including where i am have no water, and the roads are flooded over and have trees blocking some of them. hard to think about 24 hours ago there wasn't anything like that around?
Sunday.- power's back, but still no water, big clean-up job to do. there's a state funeral for the late prime minister on Wednesday, who died last week, as well as independece day to worry about later. all with half the island wrecked by this freak hurricane out of nowhere.
to think that Saturday i was just gonna go in the library and study...


I'm Sick...

meh, I might have dengue fever, and im out for the week... theoretically, that means more GB time, but if it is, Im gonna feel like crap for the rest of the month... 
so what are you playing now?


I need a new desktop wallpaper!

i need help getting some desktop wallpaper to look good. ive had this for the past 6 months or so .

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its epic and all, but i'm getting tired of it. any suggestions for something epic? it doesnt have to be music, it could be anime, RL vistas, etc. you get the picture. 
EDIT=tbh, I'm a bit surprised this topic regenerated. i had already settled on this,
No Caption Provided
but ill still see what else you guys have to offer.

first achievement!

forgive the noobish behaviour for a second, and celebrate, for i have got my first achievement!
well, this isn't really my first achievement ever (that goes to Killzone 2's barrel kill), but since you can't really see that here, and i cant access the game readily, i suppose it wont count. but the first achievement that you can see is from Portal, and it is this!

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Steam Stories!

 Well, I Didn't expect to be blogging so early in the school term, but hey, I'm here.
Recently, either early this week or last week, The steam wallet was launched. pretty much you get an account where you can put money on, and be able to use. unfortunately, it still wants to use your credit card to do so. and for people like me without authorization to one, this ain't happening. Steam, please start selling store cards, you'll certainly profit form it!
anyways, i didn't write to rant on that, ive been busy on steam this week.
since i can't buy, i took advantage of the great portal giveaway, and got the game free in May, which then let me DL demos. I tried Half Life 2 back in May, and enjoyed it thoroughly, and even Team Fortress 2, but that was a rendering disaster, and this laptop will never be able to run online for it (until the game becomes obsolete, which aint happening for a while). Most Recently, i got hold of

No Caption Provided

a stunning mix of economics and RPG Zelda style, which i recommend to at least get hold of the demo.

there were also Cricket Revolution, which most of you probably dont know what it is about, so i'll spare you the details.

Ive downloaded the demo for
XBLA box art (cropped)
XBLA box art (cropped)

but i havent played it yet. it seems to have passable reviews, so meh.

and then there was this.

Official Box Art
Official Box Art

now, the funny thing is, my computer can't play Age of Empires 3 for crap, it cant even get past the title screen. and this game came out at lest 5-6 years ago. the Civ 5 demo works nearly perfectly in Directx9 mode, EXCEPT FOR ONE THING. the letters are garbled, and look like thai. im gonna install the service paks to see if it helps. if it does, there is the weekend right there!

until next time, Cheers!
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