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My/my family's consoles

consoles owned by me or my family

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  • mine, a used one I got in 2005. still works well, but has given a few errors throught its service with me. plus it has a Game Boy Player underneath it, for that added functionality =D

  • mine, and after being in operation since 1998, it works fine.

  • 2 of them lying around my house, neither of them belong to me, they are in ownership by my 2 brothers. although, with one getting a 3DS, I might keep one.

  • after 12 long years in service, the oldest system of mine breathed its last sometime in August 2008(RIP).

  • got one for my birthday (just before the GBA came out, much to my impending annoyance), and a friend gave me his old one. back when I still played the GB generation of Pokemon, this was quite handy with the link cable.

  • well... technically, I have 5 of them, if you count the 2 DS lites, plus my Game Boy Player under my cube. the other two are a classic GBA, and an SP, and once again, neither are woned by me >_< , except the Game Boy Player, which is probably the most awesome of them all :D

  • bought with a combination of my brother's and my funds, so it belongs to both of us.