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@gundato: I can totally see what you're saying with all of your points. I think what it really comes down to for me is the difference between the game they made and the game I wish that they made. I suppose by the end I wanted to be able to just face head on everything the game could through at me. I'm fully willing to admit that I only really hated the things I was whining about as I was having a problem with them, and wrote my original post after getting COMPLETELY DESTROYED a handful of times by a horde of zombies in one of the side missions.

Like I said though - I actually really liked the game and I'm pretty excited to play the sequel.

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I don't, but I'm in a weird situation with my apartment where internet (along with all of my utilities) are, because of weird construction business, factored into my rent. This basically means I pay an extra $25 a month and they're contractually obligated to deal with it if I go crazy during a given month. Occasionally I get a sternly worded letter from management, but I've been ignoring them for years.

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@the_nubster: I'm fully willing to accept that I might just be doing something wrong with the combat, but throughout the entire game I had issues. Sometimes zombies would be instantly killed, but more often than not I would stand there hacking away at their heads just for them to stand back up.

Insofar as the boss goes; I totally take your point that the parkour was the real boss fight, but there were multiple points throughout the game where they stripped you of your gear just leaving you with a knife or something. While I don't think it would have been a great solution to just do it again, I don't know if I buy that there wasn't anything else they could have done. But yeah, a robot fight at the end would have been dumb in a way I think I could get behind.

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So last night I finished the story in Dying Light. I know the game is pretty old at this point, but Brad getting excited about Dying Light 2 reminded me of how much he used to evangelize the first game and with it being on sale over the past week I thought I would give it a try. I have some thoughts.

  • The combat sucks and pretty much sucks the entire time

It seemed that regardless of what non-gun weapon I was using all by the most basic of early game zombies take forever it kill. I'll be hacking away at it's head for what seems like forever, while in the meantime dozens of other zombies will appear out of thin air to jump me. Fighting humans is even worse, they soak up even more damage, block almost every attack and will change the direction of their attack to perfectly negate all but the most perfect of dodges.

  • You can't do anything without getting jumped

I know hordes of zombies is this games thing, but the way the game places/generates them is obnoxious. As an example - while I was playing last night I jumped down into an area to unlock a crate. I checked to make sure there were no zombies near me, there were not. I start to unlock the crate and almost immediately start getting attacked, the animation stops and I see a group of at least a dozen zombies.
To go along with the horde complaint - you can seemingly never clear a room of zombies. Unless it's a part of a story mission, rooms and building just endlessly fill up with more and more zombies until you are overwhelmed and forced to run away or die. Again, I know it's a game about surviving a zombie apocalypse, but I didn't find it to be fun.

  • The last fight made me want to uninstall the game

QTE end boss fight? Really?

  • The traversal is great/the story is good?

Something I actually liked. The traversal took me a little while to get use to, but once I did I was having a lot of fun with it. I enjoyed just running around, jumping rooftop to rooftop, seeing how long I could go without dropping to the ground. Once I got to the Old Town area of the game I started having a little less fun with the traversal until I remembered about the grappling hock, which opened up a ton of fun possibilities.
The story is also...good? OK. I don't know if I would really say that it's good, but I enjoyed it. It's a game where bad things happen to everyone all the time, unrelentingly. I know dark games (ha) aren't a rarity by any means, but I feel like I just haven't been playing them lately and it was nice to be bummed out. '

With all of that being said....I loved this stupid, broken game (Oh, it was buggy too. I kind of like bugs so I didn't give this it's own bullet point). Brad was right - Dying Light was a lot of fun and everything that's come out about the squeal makes it seem like it's going to be even better than the first. I'm glad that I didn't play it when it first came out, I don't think I would have had the patience for it at the time, but it was more than worth the roughly $10 I paid for it on PSN.

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I've been on a CRPG kick lately and the current game I'm working on is Tyranny, and I'm LOVING IT. The idea of being the occupying "evil" empire after the war is already over, just trying to gain full control and maintain peace is really interesting. The gameplay is CRPG gameplay, it's "one of those", but it turns out Obsidian is good at making them.

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I think it would be great to see a GBE playthrough of Divinity: Original Sin 2. Alex playing through a Civ campaign would be my second choice.

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The current redesign is going to be like every other redesign on every other website. We are going to struggle with it for a little while, but in six months to a year, we aren't even going to remember what the old site looked like.

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I probably should have posted a more detailed itinerary before we took off, but I suppose I just had an American level of naivete about what's going on throughout the rest of the world?

Like I said though, my time in Western Europe was lovely, and the people were perfectly charming. Might wait a little while before visiting the east again, though.

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Hey y'all. So I just got back to the states. The trip really didn't go all that well. We didn't have problems through most of Western Europe, one small run-in with some drunk guys in Italy but other people around stepped in and defused the situation. Our first issue was in Hungary. My group was leaving a temple in Budapest when a group of guys started following us around yelling at us, this went on for ten or so minutes before they started throwing garbage and rocks at us. No one really seemed to care, including a few officers we ran past. It was a similar story in Poland, where harassing us seemed like it was just a local pastime. It was in Poland where we decided to just take the loss, and get tickets to Israel, where we spent the rest of the time we had set scheduled for our trip.

Well, that's how it went, sorry for the bummer post.

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Thanks for chiming in everyone! We decided as a group it would probably still be better if we wear hats over our kippah, and hide SoD jewelry, but it's good to hear that might not be quite as bad as the news is making it seem.