Giant Thoughts

Get it? Giant Thoughts, you know, because I'm Hallway Gi...yeah.

Anyway so with Giant Bomb nearly a week old you have to give the team credit for staying on top of things. I mean, with 14,000 registered member as of this writing (and countless more guests I'm sure) the site could of very easily met a very quick demise. Their were some load issues early on, but certainly now I can't complain about the speed of the website itself. However as much as I love it their is still obviously much to do be done, but at the same time much of the complaints have been heard and I know the Giant Bomb crew isn't stupid so it's not like these cries are going unheard so to speak. That said their are still things that need 'fixing'.

For example the more this website can reflect the features of popular wiki software such as MediaWiki and the like in terms of functionality the better. For example, again, being able to review your submissions and having a history on every page and being able to see what was changed and how would do wonders since a lot of the time it is all but impossible to see differences in edits, especially when they are not huge. Also somewhat in that same vein, I think it's really important that Giant Bomb sets up some kind of style guide. I know that their are some outlines in the Help section , but considering how many different types of pages their are it would be helpful if their could be some kind of consistency with the pages. While certainly you could say that all Wikipedia video game pages do not look the same the certainly contain similair elemts and as a whole look consistent. As much as I know Giant Bomb is about freedom some guidelines about the site in general would benefit the site greatly.

At the same time I think their is some new and clever stuff going on with this site. Any time you bring points into the equation you make the most mundane things all the more important and worth while. I'm convinced that that brings a whole other dynamic to the site that will keep people coming back for some time. If anything you can say that points should mean something to the user, like earning them badges or whatnot, some kind of reward, because once you reach a thousand your basically set as it were. As I said thought it's pretty amazing how quickly this community came together considering that this site has only been around for a few days. Sure the blog was their and the Giant Bombcast certainly wasn't scaring anybody away, but the fact that all these people came together is pretty remarkable.