GOTY 2012

As usual, I barely bought 10 ‘new’ games this year, so creating a Top 10 list is pretty easy.Overall, I’d say it was a year of hard swings in terms of being absolutely broadsided by someand quite disappointed by others, but isn’t that always how it works? Probably so. Anyway, here is a list of video games.

List items

  • While on some level TWD being #1 is more of a show of how awful a year this was for me in terms of games, that doesn't really give it nearly as much credit as it deserved. I feel like what TWD accomplishes is treating the player like a relatively intelligent person and then puts them into situations where you must make inherently guttural decisions and live with those. Is the timing of much of the dialogue arbitrary? Sure. Does the game suffer from its needless action sequences and ‘ game play’? Yes. Is it my best game of the year regardless? Yes.

  • Do I think that Bioware kind of fucked up one of the best trilogies in gaming with a incredibly binary ending? Sure. Did I pretty much love the crap out of the other 29 hours I played ME3? Yup.

  • I didn't quite grab me as much as some, but I always haven't completed it on Nightmare either so, hey!

  • Yes a iOS game is on my top 10. Like I said, not a lot of game playing this year. Truth be told I probably spent way more time playing iOS games like this one than I did on some console games, its more a testament to my lack of time than the quality of these games, but there is something to be said for the immediacy and the ephemeral quality of iOS games, they are almost more pure than ‘traditional’ games since they are far more focused on their gameplay.

  • While I felt like part of the joy/discovery that was probably magical to those playing for the first time, I tried to get through as much as I could done on my own and I still feel like I had a great overall experience. The atmosphere and unquantifiable 'feeling' this game provides is absolutely fantastic, a fully realized both artistically and in its design.

  • Oh man, I wanted to like this game so much, I really did. However, it was bogged down by a quickly dwindling community and incredibly small list of truly enjoyable levels. Hopefully it sold well enough to warrant a sequel?

  • Considering that this is more than likely the most expensive game that Microsoft has ever made you would think that that might translate to something of meaning or significance. However, at the end of the day Halo 4 essentially fails at doing any new or worthwhile with the Halo name, it is as safe and grounded as any Halo game has ever been, which means that it is a well made if not boring.

  • Yes, 2011 game in 2012, so sue me. I liked this game WAY MORE than it deserves. Its story is awful and has nothing really to say, but the basic combat and traversal is so fun that it makes it a joy just to be Batman in Arkham City.

  • Again, I don't care that this is a 2010 game in 2012, I played it this year and had a really great time with it.

  • I...don't know about this one. I really liked Guild Wars 1, and Guild Wars 2 feels completely impenetrable. It MMOs its systems so much and adds so many systems that without a built in peer group you feel completely and utterly lost. At least the basic feeling of exploration and discovery is still there and its certainly faster than GWI, but man...someday I'll figure out this game I guess.