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My sons firts System Review!

My son does a video of the Hyperscan Game Console. Please don't comment hating, he has Asperger's Syndrome and I don't want a cranky boy!



I Survived to round 50 on Zombies

I Survived to Round 50 on Zombies (Solo)

Wel this was tough. I started out buying the upstairs path to the theater where I played mystery box. I camped till around round 10 with the MP40 in the Speed cola room, getting 6500 points. I the proceeded to buy Mule Kick. I then camped another round and bought Juggernog. then i went and picked up quick revive. i played mystery box four times, getting the AUG, Thunder Gun, and Ray Gun. I camped till I had 15000 Points and upgraded my guns. I then ran around frequently running out of ammo, getting a max ammo. This happened until I became cocky and died.