I wrote a poem for InfamousBIG

InfamousBIG is a lovely summabitch, and gave away 100 sets of the Humble Bundle the other day.  Yeah.  I told him I would write him a shitty poem for it.
I did.

The terrible toddler told them terrible tales
There was one special one.  Just one of the many
Was one where he wondered of yearning
For Smitty, the half Tauren

Tales of males mating with meaty bovine
Haunt the Southernlands
But then when men mates again
What do we call that

We call it Smitty, the half Tauren

Blue Screen of Death

I got a BSOD today.  What better time to have a deep, intimate reevaluation of my life and a potential change of perspective on things?  Maybe even start writing again?  Any time by now.  Fuck, I'm bummed out.