My "Best Games of the Decade" List!

It's a tie for first between Final Fantasy X (2001), Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (2008), Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age: Origins (2009). In all three games, I loved the characters, story, combat, music, and visuals. The battle systems were perfect in my opinion and the music was very emotionally inspiring. Marvelous. Although, I must admit to cringing when hearing Tidus in FFX speak so awkwardly on many occasions, the rest of the voice cast performed above my expectations in all three games. Fantastic. The characters were mostly all likeable but even the ones that I could not stand were still brilliantly portrayed in both voice and dialogue. The stories were so strong that even when I was tired of playing after many hours I could not stop. I was compelled to continue since my desire to find out what happens next was so overpowering. The music in these games is so profound that I instantly recognize some of the songs in fond remembrance. The experience these games provided were some of the best of my life, virtual or otherwise. Amazing! It is a combination of all of items mentioned above that make these three games tie for my Games of the Decade.

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