Hitman, Assassin's Creed and Far Cry

So many good games are heading our way in the coming weeks (some are already here). Hitman: Absolution, Assassin's Creed III, Far Cry 3, additional Sleeping Dogs content. Too many games, too little time


Customer Service...

Recently, it occurred to me that we use customer service for nearly everything in our modern life. Be it for "long distance" service (via phone or online) or "close proximity" service (store clerks, bank tellers, waiters) and I wanted to know what were some of best your experiences with customer services, and what were some of your worst.

For me, a good service I got recently was that I was wrongly charged for a phone line I didn't requested, nor a technician came to my house to install said phone line. It went on for nearly a year and a half when I noticed it in the bills, so I contacted said company's Customer Service in order to cancel the unjust monthly fee of the phone line (roughly $20.77 every month) and the representative said that I would be also refunded in full, without me even asking for a refund (of course I didn't refused the offer)

Now it's your turn


Planning on buying new PC parts...

For the last 4-or-so years, I wanted (and needed) to upgrade my machine and I feel that I can't hold it off for much longer. Currently I'm eyeing Intel's i7 Core and nVidia's GeForce 650 and higher. Can you recommend a good Sound Card, Motherboard and any other components I might need, and any good retailers/outlets that offer the items at good price and have a worldwide shipping abilities (I heard that Newegg and Amazon are quite good choices).

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