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Fantastic Freeware Games

Play these games.
I could add more games to this list, but pages for them do not yet exist on Giant Bomb.

List items

  • A well done side-scrolling RPG shooter adventure game. The story is engaging and the gameplay while nothing amazing is satisfying. The graphics are crisp and colorful with a lot of nice particle effects and breakable objects. There's also quite a bit of humor in the game and it works.

  • It's a Metroidvania game wherein you're a bouncing ball and there's a lot of soothing ambient music. The pixel art style of this game is stunningly beautiful and you'll find tons of variety in the landscape as you explore.

  • A fantastic vertical shooter that doesn't let itself get bogged down by narrative or anything else that isn't your ship shooting at another ship. There are additional gameplay modes that emulate popular shooters such as Ikaruga and Psyvariar.

  • Once you start playing, you can never stop playing, yet you will never complete it. If you somehow manage to complete it - in addition to being a filthy liar - there are a plethora of servers out there running custom maps, some of which are completely ridiculous.

  • The game Knytt is by the same guy who made Within A Deep Forest. Knytt Stories is an expandable version of Knytt where additional stories can be downloaded from various Knytt Stories sites. I suggest: Afar, The Underwater Adventure, The Machine, The Outsider, Skyflower and Don't Eat The Mushroom.

  • In Warning Forever you partake in an endless boss battle...that is least, until you run out of time. Word on the street is: Every time you destroy the boss it evolves based on how you killed it as to make it more difficult to kill it that way again. If this is true, I have found the effect to be minimal at best, though it's still a cool idea and shit still gets crazy.

  • It's stealth done right, while wearing an awesome hat and carrying a sweet umbrella. It's also pixel art all over the place.