Summer 2012

In this exciting episode of Hangedtoaster's blog I have chosen to share with you reader the tales of the summer of 2012, so buckle up cause things got kind of weird. 
 I'm not a student, of any kind so I don't really get summers off, I Just have to work like most of the worlds population, which kind of sucks but hey money right? But when I wasn't working? Well that's when things got crazy. You see most of my friends have birthdays during the summer, specifically towards the end of the summer, so the last half of August mainly consisted of me waking up in various locations other than my own house, and on one occasion a field. I love these sort of things happening, it only happens once a year as well which makes it somewhat better. Overall Summer 2012 was a blast I look forward to the adventures of Summer 2013: The Summeriest. But this is a website about video games and I've been lead to believe that people reading my rambling enjoy games also, here's some games I played. 
Modern Warfare 3 - Over this past weekend I was visiting a friend and we decided to hop online for some good old multi-player action, Upon entering a lobby we we're met with what I'm assuming was someone round the each of 13 screaming at someone ( I think his mother?) because they wanted him to stop playing and go outside. This game has not changed any, I hate these sorts of public lobbies where it seems to bring out the worst in anyone. I sincerely hope none of these children are like this in the real world. 
Battlefield 3 - I play on the vastly insuperior console version of this game, even though I have a pc that will run this game (and run it well) I maintain the belief that flopping down into a comfy chair at the end of a long day is much preferable to sitting at a desk and playing. This game is simply awesome, I've put in around 150 hours and plan on putting in well over 150 more if I have my way. Armored Kill is also out this week and that has me stoked for some good old tank gameplay. 
In other entertainment that I've consumed in the past week, I watched Cabin in the Wood's, It was entertaining but I don't think it was the amazing film that people have claimed it to be, I also rewatched The Core before coming into work this evening. And this is super weird but the material used to build the ship that they use is called unobtanium, seen also in such films as Avatar. I dunno I thought that was mindblowing at the time. Other than that it's been a pretty good week, I've been invited by some friends to (potentially)  join them when they eventually move out from there respective parents house's and that prospect has me excited.  
To anyone who's read this far thanks, I hope you have an excellent week