Favorite Games of all time.

These game are very special to me because they do thing that other games don't, or should.

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  • This is games is very special to me because after i played it, i was blown away. I had never played a game with such freedom and innovation before it. I also wondered why the hell every RPG after it didn't use the concept of choice and freedom.

  • When the Xbox 360 first came out, there was no "gotta have it Halo game". Although Gears of War was 1 year late to the party, it was worth it because this was the first "gotta-have it Halo game" for the Xbox 360. It also dropped jaws when it first appeared in late 2006 because of the functional cover system and ground-breaking, realistic graphics that showed off the true power of what was "The Next Generation". A year later, it still looked amazing and many developers took note of the impressive engineering of the game.