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PC gaming is dead to me.

    I have always been a PC gamer. Even during the NES and SNES heydays I was never interested in a console. It was Commodore 64 all the way. I had no interest until the Xbox came out and Halo finally won my curiosity.  I still mainly considered myself a PC gamer even with the Xbox. I found that people could enjoy both mutually. The PC had the type of games I liked to play more of than the Xbox. Then something happened a few years ago. My interest in PC games started to wane. I would sit down to play games, but could not get into them. It wasn't that I found the games bad, I just didn't play them as long.  I started to notice that I quit after a day or two then it turned into a few hours, no matter how much fun I was having. I was having more fun playing games with my Xbox360 and sitting on my couch in front of my 32" TV instead of my 19" monitor.  I still try to convince myself I will enjoy PC gaming on some level. I tried the 1701 A.D. demo last month and bought the gold edition. I convinced myself this time was going to be different. Nope. I played for two hours, quit and never went back. I found the game fun. I love city building games. Hell, I even enjoyed the Zoo Tycoon series and those for kids. I have finally admitted that I no longer have any interest in PC gaming. The only thing that might turn me around is Diablo 3 and possibly StarCraft 2. Still, I hope Diablo 3 comes out on the 360 because I have a better chance of finishing it.