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2011 games I bought with mini reviews.

I made this list to remind me of games released in 2011 I bought. I have a tough time remembering.

List items

  • The first hour is slow, but once it gets going it really becomes a blast to play.

  • The camera is horrible. Parts of the the story and dialogue are very corny. The stealth isn't that fun and it very much plays like a seven-year-old game. But it's still fun and the story did draw me in. For $10 this is a good purchase. I hope this game sells well and prompts Microsoft to port more HD remakes of old games to XBLA.

  • XBLA port. I have to admit, I got very bored with this game.

  • I'm having trouble getting into this game. Not because I don't think it's fun, but because I can't seem to play for more than an hour at a time. Outside distractions keep interrupting me.

  • First fighting game I've purchased since DOA3.

    Eh, I suck at fighting games.

  • The first game I bought for my new PC. Installed and haven't played it. This is why I should not buy PC games. I never play them. Though the stories about the difficulty intimidated me. I'm not as skilled as I used to be.

  • Xbox 360 version. I've played this game in small spurts. I like what I've played, but it never took hold of me like Dirt 2.

  • Xbox 360 version. Ugg, I think this game would have went over better if they fixed the load times and released it as a budget title.

  • Double Fine's best arcade release.

  • I find this game boring.

  • If Twisted Pixel wants people to enjoy their games then they need to make them less frustrating. Challenging is fun and rewarding. Cheap deaths from busy backgrounds and poorly conceived jumping is not.

  • Just a fun game. The only game I can think of that borrowed the Batman: Arkham Asylum combat system.

  • Fun game at first but the repetitiveness got to me. This is the type of game that benefits from being five hours long. It was the third time through the campaign when I finally got bored.

  • Not as good as the first, but still a had a lot of fun.

  • The best Gears game. I wish I had more time to meet up with my buddies to play more co-op and horde.


  • I'm going to try to start playing after the first big update has been released.

  • Enjoyed the demo. Honestly bought this because I had a $50 gift card for Amazon.com to use and I want to support Michael Ancel.

  • Enjoyed the demo. Bought on an Amazon lightning deal.

  • Still behind in this series. Need to play Brotherhood first.

  • Forgot I bought this on steam earlier this year.

  • Got for free vie IGN.