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Best games I've played in 2013

I'm listing the best games I've played this year, regardless if they were released this year or not. I do not play a lot of games, so the list is short.

List items

  • I've never played an MMORPG. I've never wanted to play an MMORPG. I don't like multiplayer games. However, I love Star Wars and really wanted to see the story. I finally downloaded the game in May and after an awkward first hour, I surprisingly got into the game like no other. Now I'm a subscriber. I buy Cartel Coins. I got the expansion. I played nothing else for five months. I love the world and I enjoy watching other players run around and progress even though I rarely join groups.

  • I sat down one Sunday afternoon determined to play this game in one sitting. This might me the most emotional game I have ever played. It is very joyous, yet very sad. This is a game that managed to make the controller an emotional experience. Watching how the younger grows up through out the game is an unforgettable memory. I want to learn more about this world.

  • I have never really enjoyed a GTA game until this one. It is so wrong and moral reprehensible, but so incredibly fun. The size of the world is a detriment as much as a benefit. A quick travel feature would have help tremendously.

  • The story is amazing but I don't enjoy the combat as much.

  • I can't wait until 2015 to play Legacy of the Void.

  • Had a few days to kill and finally got around to playing Singularity. It's a very entertaining game even though it barrows heavily from other, better games.