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Every game I played in 2012

This is a list of every game I spent any significant time playing.

List items

  • I dig the Metroid exploration style of games.

  • Playing Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet made me want to dust of the Wii and play a Metroid Prime game. I realized I never played the third one in the series.

  • Hurray sore arms.

  • Hurray more sore arms.

  • Damn, this game is brilliant. Why does Ubisoft hate Michel Ancel so much?

  • I enjoyed this game. Played it in one sitting through.

  • Played in February. I shouldn't have played this so soon after I finished Assassin's Creed 2 (played last October). For the weekend I played I loved the story, but it felt too much the same. I want to come back to it though.

  • This game makes my brain cry.

  • Enjoyed the first episode. I may wait until all the episodes are released then go finish the game.

    Went back and played all the episodes slowly after a week. All I can say is this, by the end I deliberately picked the most dire consequence because I wanted to watch how bad things could get.

  • Why can't they make a Spider-man game with tight controls and camera?

  • I want more Defense Grid!

  • I want to like these games but I always get lost or not sure what to do or killed and never come back.

  • Very good game. Much improved over War for Cybertron, which I found tedious and boring.

  • I don't play a lot of RPGs because they tend to be very long or too complex or just more going on than I can stay caught up to for the limited time I have to play games. I played Fallout: New Vegas for about five hours before giving up and moving on. After playing the KoA demo I enjoyed what I played and purchased the game. So far I've spent a good six hours playing the game and have loved every minute of it. This is going to be the game I play until Xcom: Enemy Unknown comes out next month.

    Update: According to the game clock I've put in 24 hours and I can't believe how big this world is. I've only discovered half of it. I need to stop doing side missions and focus on the main or I'll quit before finishing the main story.

    Finally finished the game after 70+ hours. To me the mark of a great game is how many hours do I play in one sitting and when it is over do I still want to play the game. I could play this game for hours straight.

  • A friend wanted to get some of the multi-player achievements.

  • Damn you, Ryan Davis.

  • Very good game.

  • Every year I play a racing game. I like the one I play every other year. I loved this game.

  • It took about three levels for me to really get in it, but once it did I enjoyed the game.

  • blah

  • First Lego game I've played since the first one. It's fun but can get frustrating.