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I'm going to guess it'll be a couple of launches, simultaneously, one being the "mythic" update with upgrades to forge to include a more powerful map editor, and a map pack with that big purple thing.


Who will watch the watchmen?

I'd briefly been introduced to "Watchmen" in 2006 after finishing Dan Brown's book, Digital Fortress. Having gone through the torture of reading that, I then quoted the most important line of the book, "Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes," to one of my friends, who immediately mentioned that the line was also in some graphic novel by a guy named Alan Moore. Having no interest in comics, I shrugged him off and went back to using this fancy new site called Myspace or some such, thinking the comic book he just described had something to do with watchmaking, or the Hulk, or whatever. Who cares.

Fast forward to 2008. It's Thursday night, midnight to be exact. I'm stuffed in a full theater inside a cinema with nothing but full theaters, all preparing to show "The Dark Knight" in its silver screen glory. But before the movie we got to watch much-hyped trailer for Terminator 4, and right after that something weird came up. A scientist. Gets blown apart or something. Hovercraft. Blue guy is blowin shit up. Hot chick with huge head wearing tight clothes. Badass looking guy torching a soldier or something. Blue guy cloned himself. Big glass gear thing. What the fuck did I just watch. Watchmen? I think I've heard of it. I have no idea what it's about but I wanna learn more.

Exitement over the fucking awesome movie that is The Dark Knight tapering, I remembered the trailer. The only thing that spreads faster than fear is excitement, and when I read the reactions to the trailer on fark ("fap fap fap" was used quite a bit), I just had to read this book. First comic book ever. So after a one-day vacation to Santa Cruz, I picked up the book and read it for 8 hours straight.

So now to the nitty gritty. How the hell is Snyder going to make this into a movie? In the book, a fabulously detailed setting and character backstory is told through most of the book. In fact, in most cases, the plot takes a backseat to learning how each character became what they are. How are they going to make this into the action-packed epic superhero adventure audiences crave when in the book only one of the characters has powers, and there barely any fights within the plot?

I suppose I put this question to my (imaginary) readers: Can this film be both a superhero brawler and a character study?