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Supporting characters that stole the show

In complete random ass order, here are nine supporting characters that were the main characters in my heart.

List items

  • The perfect leading man. He even refers to himself as such. Unfortunately his destined role was stolen by some shirtless douche.

  • Okay, it's not really hard to one up the main character when he is just an empty vessel to project one's own personality on. But you know what? GET BENT.

  • Yeah, fuck you Sora. Donald is a god damned duck what is also magic.

  • I lost my shit when that horse fell. In that instant I knew Agro was the true hero. It was only fitting that he got the lady in the end.

  • He is just a man trying to do his job. Steiner and me, we are bros4lyfe.

  • Probably the only one on this list that isn't a slight against the actual main character. Link is my home boy. But Midna is the lady(imp thing) with all the right moves. Her vocals are definitely some my favorite gibberish speak in any video game.

  • He cut an effing mountain in half with his sword. What did Crono do? Get his ass killed.

    Also he has a sweet accent and makes cute frog noises.

  • Gets shit done using his logic and wits. No dumb luck or psychic jailbait necessary.

  • Peach, she is playing everybody for her own amusement. I know it. You know it. We all know it. I played Smash Bros, which is as good as law and totally canon, she could kick Bowser's ass if she wasn't busy reveling in all the attention.