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My Real Life

My Young Quote.

"I was reading comics for 7 years and I buy comic books online too. I've barley helping comicvine and I'm pretty busy doing forums, editing characters and writng comic stories. I'm also an artist too. I have two brothers doing their own lives and i live in somewhere in U.S.A. I am a comic hero in Comic Vine and I am now a Gamer Hero in Giantbomb. And I am doing editing stuff. Here's my other profile http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/Hardartist/" - Hardgamer in July 28, 2008

My Today's Kill.

When I was started to look for a new quite, well, I was filled with ideas. At first, I thought that I can never find a new quote. A quote that I'll use temporarily, But now I've found something that well matches my personality and dignity. Well, here it goes. Before you see it in rare Gold Bold words and I don't know how I did it, I hope this can really suit up my Name and Meaning. My name reflects very much with this Hit, I've made and it's really special if you ask me. Furthermore, I want to say that to those out there who's still reading this immense bio that I still haven't gotten over, please be proud for who you are and never give up on anything, even if it takes so much sadness, violence, boom-booms, break-ups, and all the sins you pray for. So here's my Wisdom of destiny. =)

"Too Legit Too Quit" - Hardgamer on April 21, 2011.

My "Real" Real Bio.

Just to let you know, this was added in May 3, 2011. My quote above isn't the writing I write today. So don't say this was a long time ago. For those of you who doesn't know me or even like me for sure, I've just made this so that you can despise me less. Okay, here it goes. Hello, My name is Hardgamer. I signed up here in July, 2008. At that time, I was at a Young Rookie Age between 9-16. Sorry, won't tell you my actual age. But it is in the 1st age. Before I joined the site, I was a Comic Vine User. It was named Hardartist. Even before that, my life was very different. So, buckle up. That means you.

I was born in Los Angeles, CA. Son of an Italian Father and an American Mother. Raised there for only 2 years, before we moved to New York City because my parents had found a job. At first, I was happy to live in the Big Apple, but I then had a horrible young life there. You see, when I was at the age of three, I used to watch Peace Tapes in my young room. I took advices from it and that was when I became a Hippie. I used to remember when I try to talk to my parents about the Peace and that there needs to be a world order out there. My parents thought that I was crazy and that I had Autism. No, I do not have Autism. Well, by the time I was in Kindergarten, I was bullied and discriminated. Why? Me and my Peace Influence, That's why. I used to wear a black Peace Beanie, Colorful shirt, slim blue jeans, and a pair of Converse shoes. It was my style at that time. I never regretted that at all, despite that kids beat the crap out of me for my fashion. For this displeasure, my teacher called my parents privately. She advised my parents that I should be sent to Summer Camp by the time School is over. Only because she thinks I need some toughness in me.

Sadly, my parents took the advice and well, transported me to Summer Camp. It was somewhere in Seattle. It was obvious, because there's full of nature when there isn't population there. When I first arrived to Summer Camp, I precariously wasn't welcome. My Scoutmaster seemed to despise me. All because he thinks I have an easy life and that I came here for trouble. During my time in Summer Camp, I noticed something that other Campers don't have: Gifted Skills. I was very athletic in many ways. Swimming, Climbing, Jumping, Throwing, Shooting (Not Gun Shooting), and Drawing. I was ranked #4 in the overall U.S Rankings when it comes to Summer Camp. At that moment, I knew I could've finished what I should've done before.

With all the speculation from some media around the City of Seattle, I was the hit. One day, a phone call raised my eyes so badly. It was the U.S Army Academy. They said that they are immensely impressed with my rare abilities and they want me to be part of their academy. Campers don't easily get transferred to other places you know. So, the U.S Army offered the Camp $4,500 for me. The Camp wanted more. So this was when The Army had to offer their maximum offer. $9,700 was the offer and well, the Camp accepted the offer. I was then transferred to the U.S Army Academy and went to Los Angeles, where I used to live. More coming in a few days.

Recent Questions and Answers.

Q: Why is your Username named "Hardgamer" if you have a Picture of Kobe and Lakers galleries.

A: Well when I used this name in 2008, I was really a "Hard Gamer" at the time. I was indeed a Lakers Fan long ago too, but I was more into Video Games than Basketball. But seriously, I don't see why people are very confused with my Username and my personality.

Q: Is that really you in the Profile Image?

A: For those who consider it me, are wrong. That guy in my Profile Pic is not Me. I just won't show you my real face. I'm still in the shyness of showing my real face. Not that I hate to. It's just that I don't like it. Easy as that.

Q: Why did you come back to Giant Bomb after 2 years of dust and being practically dead?

A: Honestly, it's kind of a short long story. After my first three 3 months in this site, I called it quits with Video Games and was concentrated with Comic Vine instead. Only lasted for 6 months more, until I've done something regrettable. After 2 yrs, well here I am, as a User.

Q: Do you even write well? You seem to be writing English as your second Language. Is that true?

A: Yes and No. The Super Story and some Forum Post Topic I recently started are just quick written. Now, the Super Story is written 2 years ago, man. It was very messy. So I decided to clean it up and re-adjust it for 2 days. It was sure unorganized and completely unspecific. Like I already said from before, I don't write like I used to anymore. You get me? I don't like the criticism at all. So please, don't. Now I am going to admit that English may not be my second Language. I do Speak Italian. So I perhaps have more strength in that Language than English, Theoretically.

Q: Are you very aggressive with others in the community?

A: N.I.D.D....Meaning No I don't Duder. I'm actually friendly with everyone. I don't have any rivalry with anyone. So, I don't necessarily press the button at all. You are practicaly off the hook. Nothing else. Now if you'll excuse me, I have other work to do.

Where I can be found.

Twitter: I don't usually use it, but I use it at times, so here's Anti^Kobric.

Justin.TV: I'm starting to like the NBA and Soccer Games so here's The Anti-Kobric Channel.

Yahoo!: I use it when I'm available so here's Anti-Kobric.

Facebook: Nope, I'm not going to show it to you.

ComicVine: It was Hardartist at first, but I don't use it anymore.

Youtube: Sorry, Can't show it to you.

My made steaming site: Nobody knows this, but I made a Live-Steaming Site of my own. Note: The title of the Link is filled from the Spanish words I typed last year because of the World Cup. So here's LiveTown.tv.

Hulkshare (NEW): Earlier in February of 2012, I've arranged a profile which you can download free songs so you could transfer them to your MP3-player/i-Pod/Phone/etc. However, some of the songs I've uploaded there can't be shown public due to copyright contradictions. You may however ask me for a song I may have and give you the link for that song on Mediafire (Also have an mp3/m4a/mp4/photo/document/ Account there as well.)

Well, I hope you know all about me, and well. here's my super story.


My Super Life

How it all started...

Hi, my name is Hardartist.
Hi, my name is Hardartist.

It all started when I was electruted in a blast, then I've been gaining powers from that which gave me the power to fly, wall-crawl, agility, stamina, super speed , and I'm also invinsible, invulnerable and imortal. I could live forever. but I have 4 weaknesses. They are sonic vibration, poisonous shards, Gamma Radiation, and mostly kryptonite.

Right now I'm helping. It was now revealed that i am a God Mutant after all and a mysterious evil grabbed me and tried to suck my Eternal Energy in front of New York City and In front of the citizens and

Blacking Aweosme!
Blacking Aweosme!

the whole planet. After he sucked my powers and became imortal, My powers have regenerated and i really cannot die. After 3 days later, I've found an ooze and that black ooze substance had bonded with my body and I have increased my powers.

After that, it was good, i can run faster, and my strength had became powerful! It was all good until the ooze tried to control me and tried to feed my energy. I had tried to get rid of it and it was no use. Days of bieng consumed in this substance and still could not get it off. There was only one way to get rid of it. A Church or should i say "The Chuch". I tried to get rid of it, but when i tried to get rid of it, the black ooze grabbed me and pulled my face in a black dream. I had knew this substance is a Symboite, a piece of orginism that bonds witha hostto survive.

The beginning of a long adventure.

This doesn't look good...
This doesn't look good...

The Symbiote reacted to kill me and i hit the bell to seperate me and the Symboite. I did it, but a someone in a Church was there. It was the Imortal who sucked my powers. When i took it off, the Symboite bonded with the imortal vowed to get revenge.....on me! He now know who i am and when to hunt me off on the new york streets The Imotaled symboite monster who is now called the Symboimortal sucked my energy and some of the New yorkers. The only way to defeat him is to get a loud sound and that did.

It seperated them, but the symboite escaped while the imortal went to the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier and telepoted me on the Helicarrier too. They wanted to test me on a top-secret orginization. They tried until

S.H.I.E.L.D. is whack!!
S.H.I.E.L.D. is whack!!

the Avengers who are a team saved me. I cannot tell what kind of Avengers they are. They are a SPECIAL kind of team. After thay disepered in a flash, I went to Los Angeles, but I did not pay to get there. I sneaked in the Airplane and no one noticed me. After I went to Los Angeles, I needed to get my birth file in the Holywood Hospital. I was pretending I was a inspector who was undercover. I went to the client files and found my Mother's file. My Mom disapered five years later.

After that, I found my father's file, when he almost died of Cancer, he told me to take care of my brothers. My own file was not there and it had a note on my father's file. It said that my file and my 2 brother's files were taken and took control from S.H.I.E.L.D , a part of the military and the government

Who are these People?
Who are these People?

orginization. I was shocked and mad of the oppertunity to find that origin of my realation of the gods.

When I went to Washington, The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier was in the White House. I went inside to the Helicarrier and I went to the security S.H.I.E.L.D files.I had discovered my file is in Section-2840. I went and found it. My realation was part of the gods except that when I was a baby, A god named The Mighty Thor was battling with the demons. And when he blasted a big blast on the demons, they hit the blast under the sky and that was how it electruded me on that day. I knew there was something picky about it and the S.H.I.E.L.D agents found me. Nick Fury was there and I spit him because I did not like him. They called the Symboite Monster and the Symboiomortal puned, hit, cracked, and blased me hard, blood came out.

Double Trouble

This Hammer sure is heavy!!
This Hammer sure is heavy!!

The hits the Symbiomortal gave me reversed the hits because the S.H.I.E.L.D sientists added a type of blood that had some of my D.N.A. and reversed the hits and now, he CAN kill me. He almost finished me, until a lightning flash flashed me to the sky. Hours later, I was on Asguard. My brothers was there too. And there was Odin and Thor telling me to stay because the Symboimortal will kill and find my brothers and the good thing thing is, that they are with me in Asguard.

Thor and Odin told all that had happened and then, they gave me a hammer and a god suit. I was ready for the war and other gods were happy because on the artifact, it said that in this day, a new god

The C.V Avengers are hot handed!!!
The C.V Avengers are hot handed!!!

will be born and that's me. After I met all the gods, the Symbiomortal came and I was ready for the war. All of the gods of Asguard, me, and the rest of the superheroes battled the Masters of Evil, The S.H.I.E.L.D, Loki, and the Smbiomortal were battling the war. It had took 1,304 hours of war and we won. After the war was done, the Symbiomortal disapeared in a second and a team named The ComicVine Avengers: the most popular and most training team ever wanted me to join them as an offer. The Comic Vine Avengers.

I joined and I went back to New York city and went to the ComicVine Avengers Mansion. I did not know that they had alot of members and I did difficult missions with them. I told the team that I will be back and gave Asguard the God suit back and will use it in case of a real emergency The Comic Vine Avengers broke up and told us that they are their enemies. I became an enemy of them.. I will be using my good-o'l-fashined-suit and my brothers will be living . My next part of the life is an evil mastermind.... After that I am back with my Symboite...but a new one. With this one, I can suck people's energy. I saved the suit but, I recently met someone who looks alot like me named Spiderman45.

Comic Vine Avenger no more.....

Man, I love being back to myself again!!
Man, I love being back to myself again!!

He asks me if I am...AM his clone. I did not know what that means. When the suit was an evil mastermind agian, The suit tried to feed on me and bonded with me agian. When I took it off in an electricty blast, I got seperated from the suit, But Spiderman45 was down there doing a Spider-Man project. The suit told spiderman45 to give him all the power he can take. Spiderman45 accepted it and the suit bonded with Spiderman45 which means he is the next victim the suit will feed on. This is a bad idea Spiderman45 had done this time. He did not know that the suit will suck his energy. So I got my Spider-God suit agian with my Hammer because since the suit has my god powers hidden, Spiderman45 is now a Symbiotic god.

I tried to convince Spiderman45 to get the suit off of him, but he refused. The Suit had now been

New Prey?
New Prey?

sucking the suit and now, Spiderman45 bonded with the suit permenantly! Spiderman45 now understand and he tried to take it off, then, I took him to the Military and it did not work, next, I took him to the university, And the story will have to stop here. If anybody want's to be part of my story, PM me and I will put you in this story.

Atfer me and Spider-Man45 went to the Empire State Building, someone was there. It was an enemy of one of Spiderman45's named Ronin1. He tried to kill because he had been voted to kill us both. He tried to me first, then Spiderman45. I tried to get the suit off Spiderman45. He finnaly took the suit off of him but there was a problem, a piece of the suit had turned Spiderman45 into CARNAGE!!!!!! Ronin1 had stole the suit and he tried to get away. I tried to get him, but Spiderman45 who is now Carnage went after the Venom suit.

Ronin chased away to the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier and guess what, HE bonded with the Venom suit. He tried to control the suit and he did. The bad part is He had turned into the most vicious Ronined1 Venom! Carnage and Ronnined Venom was ready to fight. TO BE CONTINED.....remember, if anybody wants to be part off the story, let me know. The chase is on agian. Venom was about to kill Carnage, but it was interupted by another enemy. This time it is A villian Named Electro and he escaped from the Raft. Ronin1 turned into the Ronninious Venom and Spiderman45 turned into Carnage!! Now I am pissed off!!

Twisting and Turning with rivalry.

ElECTRO tried to kill us three and I CANNOT take agianst three guys who can kill me. I had no choice. So i fought Electro. I can't defeat Electro because he has powers of electricity. I throwed him a car, but that did not worked either. So I throwed water at Him. This time

Electro sucks!
Electro sucks!

Electro used all the electricity from all the city. I am saying a phrase of "Oh my god". Electro hit me witha sweared blast and I was unconcoius. Venom and Carnage fought Electro and the story will stop here. If anyone want's to be part of the story, PM me. To be continued.......

Next on the story, Electro, Venom : who is Ronin1, and Spiderman45 : who is Carnage and me were

Double Symbiotes!!
Double Symbiotes!!

fighting in the 18 hour disaster. Until an alie of mine named Beetle was helping me with the fight. We me and Beetle fought the villians and only One of us got injured. Carnage got defeated by Venom and Venom feed on Carnage. Venom feed on the Carnage Suit and now, he gained control over the Venom Suit. Carnage turned back into Spiderman45. Spider-Man45 helped me and Beetle too to defeat Super-Electro and Venom who turned back into Ronin1 to heal the Venom Suit. The story will stop agian. If To be continued........ Before this fight happened, I met my Alternave Realites. All of them. I also saw Spiderman45 as a grown up in the future. I am shocked for this.

Days after my Vacation, Kinggamer97 asked me some lessons of How to be a powerful warior.I asked him what kind. that need to be interuped by a Crash on the far south of New York Manhattan. Me and Kinggamer97 rushed to the way south, it was the Symbiomortal who wanted to find a host. I tried to defeat but hten, It wanted to feed on other people and I tried to hit him but then, it went to feed on Kinggamer97 and he fought it and one bit of it.

Not only it did not offer any substance for Symbiomortal but instead, It harmed Him with Kinggamer97's Electricity Blade Sword. He let go of him and went to feed on ME! I tried to get loose, but he got the chance to feed on me and had a 1/2 of my energy. I was happy to and hear that Kinggamer97 punched Symbiomortal and the chase was on. TO BE CONTINEUED......pm ME if anybody want's to be in this part of the chase.

The chase is on!!!

Sup, Beetle...
Sup, Beetle...

The chase seemed to be wild. I got to be fed by him, and Kinggamer97 attached a bomb on Symbiomortal's face and exploded. IT ALL got stopped by a chaos that exploded New York. I wonder who did that? I have to know. After that, The chaos transported me to the begining of time Known as the super big continent named PANGAEA. I fell all the way down and hit the ground on shore. And I almost got eaten by a dinosaur. After that, I saw another survivior. I asked him who is he? His named is Meteorite.

I asked him don't I know you from somewhere? I asked. He said Yes, you were the one who put my picture and member of the ComicVine Avengers. all I can say is wait. Then Like it was the time to get out of this place. I asked Him if he had any plans. Meteorite said yes. He was a blilliant Mod and good inventor.

I told him that Pangaea will break down in any minuite. So he picked out of his sleeve and had a time machine handheld. I told him to get out of here before it can explode. I tried to fix the Machine because he did not have any batteries. Lucky for him, I had some batteries.But there was no time. Pangaea starts to break into pieces that will turn to United States, Canada, Mexico, and all of the other countries.

Say Money!!
Say Money!!

but there was no choice......WE RAN!!!!!!! We ran hard as we had to be running. I had web.....left, and Meteorite had nothing on his sleeve. So, I took him for a ride, as if it was not embarasing enough.

It was about to explode, and Meteorite pressed the button and we time traveled. AS for Pangaea, it exploded very and very hard as usual. and you can see, that was how Pangaea exploded, well not exploded, but turned to a lot of multiple continents. As we traveled to time, Meteorite, and I have traveled back. as usual, after that, we went to the middle ages. I recently have heard anything about my brothers and it's because They don't exist.

Until, The alternate Spider-Man heroes and villains steped through us and I did not woke up until I saw everybody of the alternate Spideys, and Meteorite and my brothers who were safe. never in my life seen them very scared as if it is the end of the world. I don't know what to do, But you can never know. After that happened Me and My brothers were safe from them and also Meteorite. I did not know what to do.


Man, I hate my black life!!
Man, I hate my black life!!

So I stayed and My brothers and Meteorite. 2 weeks passed and I had a pretty good time, But we have to move on and I also brought Spiderman45, Kinggamer97, and Beetle too. The Spidey Leader told us that an evil must be stopped. I was scared. I did not know what to do, but I was ready to face to that evil guy. The alarm raised and he already came. It was an evil alternave reality me and the Symbiomortal.

Enter: Meteorite.
Enter: Meteorite.

And the big army That I might be okay.....not! I had no choice. When I saw him and Symbiomortal, The Venom Suit got off of the Mortal and bonded with me and I was with my God suit. I can control it a little, but not enough. All the team, heroes and villains fought. I am ready to fight.

First I need to find something to get me off the suit. and I need to take it off. After that, I took it off and I am ridded of of the suit. Then Time to fight the evil me. then I have a choice....Either I do not defeat him and safe only myself, or risk my life by destroying him with me. To Be Continued.........Anyone can PM me if you want to be in this story. After that, I first attacted my evil side with a mega-symbiotic blast. The Venom Suit is tearing me appart and I have no choice but throw myself on the core of the earth.

My worst fear realized...
My worst fear realized...

The symbiote burned up into pieces and went back to the city. Back on hitting the evil me. Then I saw some heroes, villians, neutrals and the citizens of New York are injured. Then I gave Meteorite a hand to punch The evil me. Meteorite's earth manipulation plus My Hammer electricity thower made into an Earth-Hammer thrower manipulation handrider. That hurted my evil side a little, but it it is not good enough.

The evil me went to the top of the Empire State Building and called more of his creatures from the rain and I needed to stop him by doing it agian, so I punched and crashed him down the building and that must hurt. So then, He turned to the pheonix! I never saw him as a Pheonix before...sure I saw Jean Grey as the Pheonix but not me. So I called all the gods, heroes and everybody else who has powers.I have no choice but kill him at once. But before I could ever do that, he cracked my arm with a hard fist on my neck and told the God Mortal to consume me. I was doomed and just right then.........I died on for 25 seconds.

But lucky for me, I can go back to life. So, I absorbed The Evil Me, and the evil mortal's energy so hard, I recieved all of my energy agian. The Mortal's body turned very short as an old person weekened and The evil me was so pisssed off, he got me and tried to turn on the rocket to destroy the satellite and that would electrify the entire planet .....so I took him with me on space with the rocket and then, The evil me told me to regret it and I told him no....only ten seconds left and I have no choice.

Anger is not an option.

It exploded very hard almost to the highest atmostphere as exploded. The evil me disinigrated screamelty and I fell to the ground on the earth weekened. As I almost died agian, I healed myself and decied to use my hammer to turn Manhattan back to it's old self. It was over. Five hours later...The legendary Proffessor X who is the owner of the X-Men told me to join them as a Member of the X-Men. I told

The Hulk? What the Hell?
The Hulk? What the Hell?

him why? He told me that when I got blasted with the evil me, he seen that the molecules from him transported to me and It's dangerous because I could turn to the Pheonix.

So I joined them at the end of the year..but first I have to tell you this story. Before I joined the X-Men....This scientist named Bruce Banner known as the Hulk said that I am the cure for to cure him....but the problem is the soldier named Emil Blonsky somehow came very obsessed of beating the Hulk. I told him I will cure him. But somehow, the military punched us and have not waked up. When The General founded Captain America's Super Soldier Serum...he injected it on Blonsky and he can run faster, have super strength, and have better things on him. But he wanted more power...so he told the general to have some of Banner's blood.

Then, I woke up and crashed to the room where Blonsky and the Hulk are there. I tried to stop him, but

The Abomination.
The Abomination.

then....it was too late. Emil got the Gamma Blood from banner and since the Super Soldier Serum and the Gamma Radiation Blood from Hulk are combined..he turned into the Hulk too...with more power. He called himself the Abomination. He raged so angry that all the military had to be armed and Bruce Banner turned to the Hulk and those two were fighting so hard that I do not even know what to do.

I had to do something. I just know it. But how? Well never mind that, I have to stop them. First They fought to the Gasoline close to the Military's base and man they can heal themselves, But Abomination can heal himself slower that Hulk can recently can heal very fast. As I tried to stop them, They instead blasted me on the military's base. I have nothing to do or can do. But there is on thing that I can do. I looked at the Machine that turned Emil to the Abomination and I saw that the Super Soldier Serum and Hulk's gamma radiation blood was in the Machine....So I used it and it transported me the Super Soldier Serum plus Hulk's Gamma Radiation blood and I turned to Spider-Hulk.

Spider-Hulk to the rescue!!!

Mabie I used too much gamma radiation.
Mabie I used too much gamma radiation.

I crashed up and Headed to Hulk and Abomination. I attacked them as a blast a took them and blasted them to teach them a lesson : Try not to get angry because I will Crush you puny human Monsters!!!!! And so I DID crushed them up with my super attacks and that oughta make them teached up. Hulk turned back to Bruce Banner, but not Abomination because he is Abomination Permanently. He got so angry that raged him up like a fall from a sky. As I punched him, he got very angry and I punched him agian. So I defeated him. As I noticed that I can become this monster permanently if I don't go back to the machine to turn myself to my normal self in 5 minutes.

I also noticed that when I turn back to myself I cure Banner agian when I turn back to my normal self. It

Looks like it's working.
Looks like it's working.

was now 54 seconds and then I got myself to the machine and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and there....I turned back to my normal self. Then, I cured Banner with my God powers and he no longer the Hulk. When Banner thanked me, He gave me a gift. a Healer to cure myself. and He said he can now start his life agian. After 5 days later, I went to Proffessor Charles Xaivier's School for Gifted Youngsters. I met Professor X and announced the Students and X-Men Members that I am the new member.

When I met the Students and members, I saw nothing else but Meteorite too. I asked him that why is he here? He told me that he IS mutant and I told him That I am a Mutant too...Only the Molecules that I got from My evil me And If IT IS too late, I will become the Pheonix. I saw Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm who asked me alot of questions about me and the reason That I am here. Then an alert came from the Grand Canyon that there is Bad Mutants over there and I get to go there with some of The X-Men. I saw MAGNETO, Juggernut, Toad, and Apocalypse.

Too short for an X-Man Career.

Me? The New Phoenix? Yikes!!
Me? The New Phoenix? Yikes!!

I was scared. I did not have my Hammer with me and now I don't know what to do. When Apocalypse saw me, He blasted me and guess what!!!!......The molecules of the Pheonix starts to effect me and turning me evil. I was trying to fight it but Apocalypse keeps hitting me hard and I just turned to my EVIL SIDE OF THE PHEONIX!!!!!!!!!!! I raged up and could not control it but I need help. The X-Men put me to the ship and they send me back to the X-Mansion immetietly. Meteorite and Proffessor Charles Xaiver tried to get me calm and could not. it was to late. I turned to the Pheonix!!!!!!!!

I crashed out of the X-Mansion and head to the sky of New York, Manhattan. I could not control it and still keeping me evil. The X-Men went there and saw me teaming up with Apocalypse and Magneto and I have turned evil as before. Still could not control The X-Men tried to help me, but I could not because of the evil flowing in me. Meteorite was on top of me telling me to control it, But I can't!!!! Why can I control it - - AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!! 6 equals more than twice to control this nightmare. Still I can't.

Shoo, Phoenix!!
Shoo, Phoenix!!

Apocalypse told me to obey him and I obeyed. I tried to not to. What will happen next I can ask? I do not know. TO BE CONTINUED..................................................

After that. I still could not control myself. Then Meteorite gave me a punch on the jaw. Then I punched him all the way to the south end of Manhattan. Then Meteorite Uses his earth manipulation powers to trap me in a "cage" of solid rock. Great. So, I Used my Pheonix Electricity to break free and decieded to absorb Meteorite's energy (A little.) When I did that, Meteorite Grabs me in a headlock, uses his earth manipulating powers to make a big hole in the ground, and then throws me down it. So I went back up and decided to throw him down instead. Meteorite Simply flies out of the big hole whilst making a sandstorm. In the confusion of the sandstorm Meteorite manages to do a few hit-and-run attacks on me. Been punched. So, I used my powers so I can morph into his body and trying to control him on the mind and sucked his energy a little.

Drunk Frenemies.

What's with Meteorite trying to kill me with his new suit?
What's with Meteorite trying to kill me with his new suit?

Meteorite Falls to the ground, weakened. Came up to him and took him to space and don't know what to do with him. Then Meteorite said "I HAD revealed that I had only been pretending to be exhausted so that you would approach me." Then Meteorite punches me back to earth. Meteorite then uses his powers on a passing asteroid to open it up, where there is an air pocket, then close it, so that I am inside an asteroid full of air which will let me to drift back to Earth without dying. Then Meteorite said "Sorry for getting technical but that's what I'd do. I Crashed up and decided to come back to space and I took him all the way to The core of the earth. Now Metoerite said "Haha! You fool!

Dude, lets peace out!
Dude, lets peace out!

I can control rock! I am at my most powerful inside the Earth!" Meteorite Demonstrates this by moving the walls to crush me. Crushed, I am dying. I attacked him with a 156 combo attack. (Will be back in 5-7 Minuites. After Meteorite making a wall of rock to deflect the attack, he sits down and reads a newspaper. I Decided to make a trick. I said "Do your attack Meteorite." Meteorite Makes a giant fist made entirely of rock burst out of the ground and about to punch me.

Then I said "Meteorite, Meteorite, Meteorite....I recently reversed your attack on you and you got punched, not only that, but I can do your attacks and can get in your thoughts of what attack you are going to do. Sorry, but I got dibs!" Then Meteorite said "Ah, but if you read my profile you will find that I am a member of the X-Men. (Or was). And Professor X trains all his students in blocking mental attacks. So you see, if you try to read my mind I will simply block it. And if you try to copy one of my attacks, e.g. make a sandstorm, I will use my power to stop it. So you've gotten nowhere." Great. So I said " So try to hit me all you can or any attack, I have another surprise for you!!!"

Do or Die.

Why Jean Grey?
Why Jean Grey?

Just as I was going to say it. The X-Men blasted me a Sonic Vibration blast and it is one of my weeknesses!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!!!!!! Meteorite then punches me hard as a wagon and I fell hard in the ground and blow the ground and that blasted over 6 miles! The cars exploded, People were hurt and it was destroyed (Only the streets. No buildings destroyed. Then Apocalypse tried to heal me, but Jean Grey managed to hit him down the building. Jean Greay then used her powers to get in my thoughts. In my thoughts was no one else but the evil Pheonix who tried to control me.

Then Jean Grey punched the Pheonix and freed me off. Then out of my thought....the Pheonix came out

X-Men, Assemble!!
X-Men, Assemble!!

of my body and then disinigrated. It was done. The next morning, I felt good as new. And I was punched of my arm from last night when Meteorite punched me HARD. When I saw the other members, they applaused me. When another alarm was in. I came along with Meteorite, Storm, Cyclops, and Wolverine too. When we went to the grand canyon agian. The police, Army, and the bad mutants were there agian.

Then Meteorite was acting strange and decieded to attack everybody essecally the X-Members of the X-Men. and I tried to stop him. Meteorite said die you freaks!! I do not know what is going on here but it will have to stop here. TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>> Now I known what is going on! It appears that Meteorite is drunk and why is he drunk? I don't know. But still, I am going to fight with him. On that way of the day was frustrating enough for me and Just right then, Wolverine Stopped us. Meteorite fell on the ground unconcious and I just stand there doing nothing and I told the X-Men, I will be out for a while.

Ready, Set, Piss of time!!!

Human Torch sucks!!
Human Torch sucks!!

CHRISTMAS IS a holiday that everyone recieve's their presents and I can't wait to be with my brothers who I have not seen them for a while. Only snow will come in two day and I got an invatation from Johnny Storm who is the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four and He said he want's to race me and everybody will be wathing, the reporters, new, people and everybody will see Human Torch Vs Spider-Man who name's himself (Hardartist). I was ready for the race and if he win's he will be the famous leader of the President and the President will watch us. As I forgot to tell you, I don't know what he is up to, but I will have to do it. The Race Is On!!!!! Ready....Set......Go!!!!!

The race started and Me and the Human Torch were racing to Fisk Building, Next going to the

Guess the Torch is pretty pissed.
Guess the Torch is pretty pissed.

Financial Distrcict where it is Trask Indrustries, the highest building, Next, we would go to the Statue of Liberty and then, get straight to The Daily Bugle, then after that, we would race ahead to the Empire State Building, after that, we would get through Stark Towers, then to an unfinished Construction site, and then, to the north end of Manhattan, then, get through the Queens Bridge, and head back to the Baxter building which is the finish line.

When I raced through The Fisk towers, Human Torch was an inch ahead of me, But I swinged down the building and headed to Financial District where Trask Towers is, when I got there, it was a little difficult to get on top of this very tall massive building and I was ahead of Human Torch and then to


Statue of Liberty. I did myself a web yank to bounce myself to all the way there and when I was there, Human Torch started to attack me with his blast and I punched him a little. When the next place was Daily Bugle, He was getting pissed off with my speed and decieded to boost up more than ever than before.

I ran and ran as fast as I can, but that almost did'nt work. Next Stop : Empire State Building. When I race there, It got more harder to race with him because he is catching me up and he is boosting up on it and man, I can't go any longer. Then on Stark Towers that was worse it that When Iron Man known as Thunderbolt : a user of this site thought that Human Torch was trying to catch me as a bad guy and then, he headed to me and punched me, Dropped and punched him back and said "The Heck are you doing!! Thunderbolt was getting some finishing touches on me and heck, I wanted to say a bad word on him and now it is a Race-Chase. As I am racing Human Torch and getting chased by Thunderbolt.

Christmas destruction!!!

Man, I love Christmas!
Man, I love Christmas!

I was on the north end end of Manhattan. And man I am almost to the bridge and Human Torch gets furious and Thunderbolt is on with catching me. Getting past Queens bridge and won the the finish line of the Baxter Biulding. Alot cheered, while others called boo to me because they wanted the Human Torch to win. As for Thunderbolt, he returned to Stark Towers and I won $10,000 dollars and saw the president and cheered me. As for Human Torch, he got flaming furious and that was it. Christmas woohooo!

It is Christmas and I can't wait. It is snowing, people buying gifts and that will have to stop here. If

Kicking butt is still an issue!!
Kicking butt is still an issue!!

anybody want's to be part of my story, PM me. To Be Continued...... Christmas is here, but there is villians on the way and guess what I have found a villian crashing through the streets named the villain Wrecker. I did'nt know what he is, but he is throwing and crashing NYC. I told him to stop, but he refused. As I said, He could not make it more better if he had to disturb this city. He thowed cars at me and exploded with cars, gas, and what else, electricity.

Sad to hear, but I have to stop him, before he can ever do something dangerous. And I hate to deal with villains. Wrecker decides to make rampage and decieded to hit me with a car. I leaped out of the way and I punched him on the neck, then He got me and crashed me down the Underground Subway. I could not believe it. He can do this withoutn having a scratch. AND i HAVE thrown him a piece of gabage on his face and got angry. He punched down to the sewer and thwown me up the streets.

Wrecking Situations.

I hate this fool.
I hate this fool.

I could not handle him, but decieded to web him on the face and punched all i can, and it worked a little, then Wrecker would hit me and bounce me hard on the back of my spine. AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Darn THAT HURT!!!!!!!! Can't hold him now and this time i turned to the Spider-God agian and recently used all of my punches, kicks, and blasts, and all of my powers to kill him with it. : He almost died and then escaped away from me and that should teach him a valluable lesson: Never deal with a Spider like me and that leaves here.

If anybody want's to be part of my story, PM me.. TO BE CONTINUED.........After the fight, An event just happened. All the heroes and villains saw that event and even us.....An Unexpected event. DC HEROES FROM DC UNIVERSE INVADED!!!!!! As I can expect.....I have some doubts that Superman is

It's an honor to meet you, Spawn.
It's an honor to meet you, Spawn.

here and he could be the one who could defeat us all so then, I used my god suit and called a god from another universe with my god hammer universe comunication and the god is SPAWN!!!!! Instead of batteling me universe...it is in a demention if you look the picture on the right that is me and Spawn fighting onto the deimention. As you have noticed, In would have to deal with every villain and heroe one by one.

First, Spiderman45, Kinggamer97, Beetle Meteorite, Spawn, Mimic12, The X-Men, The Comic Vine Avengers, And me to fight along with the others. It's time for war!!!!!! First, I made on punch on Joker. Joker keeps laughing and I am getting very pissed off with this guy and quite the CONTRARY, I would have to punch Joker's head hard and I did,. Joker stopped laughing and I need to find his bomb that is located somewhere in the deimention....after all, it is nice to explode the bomb because that way that will harm the others who are having such a war.

Then, I publicly made a quite kick on Superman Prime and then..he chocked me on the neck and killed me on a very hard choke and very touched with my bones. Died hard.....by I can still, go back to life. 5 more lives and called my god suit and gave Superman Prime A terrible lesson. He gave up on me and I said "HA HA HA.....Do you think you can mess up with Hardartist.

Marvel Vs DC and the arrival of The Jolly Tough Guy.

Okay!! You can come!!
Okay!! You can come!!

Just as I said that....The demiention transported all of the DC and Marvel people to different universes. I got transported on DC universe where I went to Gotham City. and I met Batman. He told me to get out of the city and I refused to do that. So...we teamed up. As I told him to give me a communication device to conversate at far places. So I went to Metropolis. Where I had to see Superman. Before I can say anything. I saw Superman of course And I asked him to back off. Superman said he wanted to help and I said....Okay then there was the team up with Superman and I need to be ready to fight for anything I need to know about. But I am going to need Spawn to a handle with that.

The Tough Santa is looking Tough.
The Tough Santa is looking Tough.

As I called Spawn, He send me, Superman, and Batman to come with Spawn. But we can't go back to Marvel Universe. So, I first went to earth-15. As I went there. There is a need to do this....first, Superman, then Batman, then Spawn. So I need to find my Earth-15 me. The one who bonded with the Carnage Symbiote. As I looked for him I saw the cemetery and saw the people dead. And I believe it's too late because I saw my Other me dead on the ce3metary. I don't know what to do about it. It will have to stop here. If anybody want's to be part of my story, PM me.. TO BE CONTINUED. As Christmas was almost over, I returned to my Home Universe and went to south Pole (Spawn Took me there and I told Santa to give me the gifts for my brothers. Then I said "Thanks Santa. Then He SAID "Don't Mention it." I went to the Christmas clubhouse and celebrated with other heroes and my other two brothers too.


I remember when I was a kid and My Childhood was very not nice. When I was a 6-year-old boy, My Parents were S.H.I.E.L.D Agents and they were killed on the Helicarrier. My other brothers were 3-month-old Babies and I had to take care of them as I was learning my powers when I was Electruded on the blast I told you. As I was a 6-year-old-boy, I had to struggle on many events, explosions, and assassinates too. I wanted to have a better life, but I failed on it. One Of My Childhood days were not as nice as I expected.

On with the war again during my childhood?

8-Year-Old me.
8-Year-Old me.

When An Evil Criminal tried to kill a woman and her baby, I used my Little Spidey Costume and that's when I started to do this Super Hero Career. I punched him on the face and My Speed and My Strength was good....I felt good as if I can be the powerful kid on earth. I smacked him on the back and I felt good....agian. And Heck I can do things no kid can do. The Woman with the Baby gave me $31.00 Bucks and I said thanks. She thanked so proudly and was happy and she went home. I was proud to do my first helping as a Super-Kid and I have No Idea I did it. So, I practiced. As I Practiced, I have gotten more better with agility and Hell, I was doing good. The Next day, I went to school...without telling anybody that My Parents died 7 months ago. When I saw burglars on my school. It was Showtime! As I asked the teacher to go the restroom because he might need to go the Restroom stop. I sneeked to the vents and went out the school to get those burglars.

Today, I'm at 17 years of age.
Today, I'm at 17 years of age.

SAD to made a choice, but thats what I love about life....CHOICES! I webbed one of the Burglars, then punched two other burglars on the face, then I cracked The Boss's Spine to teach him a lesson. When I went back to school, The Principal Was Furious at me and asked me to bring my parents to school. Now HOW am i going to get Parents if my Parents are already dead...well, my dad died, not my mom.

That was when I discovered that somewhere in the present. So, I had to go to New York City with my younger brothers who are still babies And I am still 6 Years Old. New York was my final choice to go and that was when I raised my and brothers here. Okay, No More Childhood. Back to the story. When I gave the Presents to my brothers from Santa, I took them with me with Spawn and Batman, and Superman to find David Richards to help us. David Richards is a Mutant And A Cosmic Energy Hero.

He is part of the X-Men and The Fantastic Four Family. He has two destinies. Either live with Sabretooth or DIE! This Will have to stop here. If anybody want's to be part of my story, PM me.. TO BE CONTINUED. As we went to find David Richards, we had to stop to New York in his reality. I remembered about him and i don't know if he will survive of not. I have a very bad felling about my destiny and I fell like I will be destroyed and be killed by my worst enemy i can ever imagine. But as i went to the statue of liberty because Sabretooth and David Richards was there, I noticed that i feel like dead meat. I wonder what is going to happen. When i found them, Sabretooth stabbed me hard on the stomach and I was bleeding....HARD.

Time for some bleeding action...losers!

Man, Sabretooth is ugly.
Man, Sabretooth is ugly.

Then Sabretooth told me "DIE YOU @#$@#!!!!! What in the heck did he say bad words to me? What DID i DO excactly!!?? I was currently dying, I could'nt move. After all of the love of hateness and I died recently.....BUT i came back to life. Now that got me really mad!!!!!!!!!! I got Sabretooth and kicked his mending @$$ UP and cracked up his neck. I'd Also throwed him down to the Atlantic Ocean and that oughta teach him a lesson. As i found David Richards. I asked him if he would like to come with me, Spawn, Superman, and Batman. He said yes and I took him, and Sabretooth and the rest of their kid buddies with me on the next universe...but I as i said something can happen to me......TO BE

Guys, Let's go to the next universe.
Guys, Let's go to the next universe.


AS we all went to the next universe, I found the Symbiomortal who was teleported when the Marvel and DC war rised. He wanted to kill me, but making me get Cancer - is a class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth ( division beyond the normal limits), invasion (intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissues), and sometimes metatasis (spread to other locations in the body via lymph or blood).

The Smymbiomortal have gotten cancer on the lung, heart, and skin. The Immortal who is wearing the Venom Suit had gotten those kinds of Cancer and he was sopposted to die 7 months ago, but since he had gotten my powers and also because of the Venom Symbiote, he still lives, but still has the Cancer. He spreaded his cancer on me, but Spawn absorbed the disease.


Soon, he grabbed a very tall building at a high pulse rate and aimed and thowing at all off us, Lucky for us, Spawn teleported Sabretooth, Superman, Batman, my two little brothers, David Richards, and the other kid prisioners too EXCEPT for me, when the Symbiotmortal was getting weak because of the Symbiote sucking his energy, I grabbed thre highest chemical enhancer to kill them both at the same time, so i stabbed them and the symbiote screamed with shreek and the Symbiomrtal fell on the ground.....DEAD.

I got the symbiote and it's dead too, and I kept it with me on a protective bag, so nobody can get because it has a secret code that i inserted myself and I am the only one who knows the code.

The next universe, there was a war in the city of Los Angeles, Australia, Canada, New York, Philedelphia, and in Japan, when the skrulls tried to rule the Earth. So, Spawn took care of Canada, Sabretooth and Batman took care of japan, David Richards and the other kids and my little brothers would now got armor who took care of Japan, While I had to take care of Los Angeles. I had peeked the bag where the Symbiote was locked in, and when i did that, the symbiote tried to bond with me which means it's still ALIVE!!!!!!! If you want to know what happened next, then stay tuned....TO BE CONTINUED...... just as i boned with it, The symbiote was talking with my head, and we agreed to be one....for now. The suit became more stronger that i can now carry up to 430 pounds. As I found Eddie Brock, I asked him if he already bonded with the symbiote. He said yes. So i asked him if he could join me. As i went to find Carnage who have bonded with Kletus Cassidy, i have been kicked on the face and lucky for me, i was saved from the symbiote. the symbiote bonded back in my face and Carnage grabbed me and tried to kill me on the jaw.

I smaked him to the car which was about to explode and exploded with Carnage. I gladfully escaped from it and went to the UCLA College University. I investigated about the symbiotic goo and i realized that it can reproduce and i realized that Carnage has an unborn offspring. I decied to run and find him so he would not kill it. So i swinged and it was raining hard to find it until i got electruted by Wrecker, Ronin, Electro, The Mortal (Who came back from the dead), The Evil twin of me, Joker, The Abomination, and Superman Prime and Carnage too attacked me with all their own strengh and i don't know how can i deal with those villains!!! But with the Venom Symbiote which i am wearing right now, i have the desire to get them kicked by wedgie by wedgie.

It's time to end the ooze misery.

So, i have no choice. but to get them to my sleeve, first i fed on the Joker so easily that he got all scared. Next, i slammed Carnage to the ground so hard on a giant skyscraper, then i used my symbiote combineness to combine Superman prime with me so that i can have his powers as for Superman Prime does not have any powers, but that did not gone so easy as i espected. Superman Prime easliy got off my symbiotic body and flew me up to kill me down the UCLA Campus where College students are located, a big bash of crash blasted on the Cafateria and while i was healing, the Mortal banged my head hard that i could not move up until i heal.

Superman prime got a machine called The Combine Machine 6000 which two glowing sides will combine Superman Prime and me encoding the DNA the machine will about to combine and a gray light in the middle will get us closer, combine us, translate the powers i stolen from Superman Prime to him, then seperate us. I moved fast and grabbed the machine. I escaped to Hollywood and i sat there thinking if this will end. If everything came back to normal and i vowed, vowed,.........and vowed in the hard raining outdoors.

As i swinged to the other guy who are with me in this reality, i saw a little piece of symbiotic goo and.......IT WAS THE OFFSPRING!!!!!!!!!! I carried it home with me and i went to the next reality with Spawn and the rest of the gang. As we were teleporting, it would get there in 16 hours, so, we relaxed. As that happened, i webbed a como and inserted the little symbiote offspring in there so it could rest.

Now to another universe, this universe is so realistic and 3-deimentional and were back to the year of 2001 in the sunset. First, we need to get something from the tallest building known as the World Trade Center (Used to be) before it was destroyed on the september 11 attacks. According to Spawn, in this universe, it does not get caused by the hijacking planes, it gets caused by S.H.I.E.L.D and The guy that we all hate: The @#%$ing George .W .Bush is evil in this universe and he was the one who wanted this attack to happen. Firstly, i need to find a generator and unlimitly supply it and make the building unstoppable to attack.

The Real World is nice, but Bushing sh!t is not.

As i went to get out of here, there are many planes and The Helicarrier coming and Bush is in the Helicarrier. They started the first 7 missles and i blocked the attack, then they all shot 78 missles each and it exploded-----not!! Ya see, i already told you this like two sentences ago. Oh man, Bush is so pissed with this blast bull#$^%. Now, it my turn stupid amataurs!! I used 16 planes with my unlimited big slacks of web and mixed them to destroy Bush once and for all!! When i about to do that, Superman stopped me and i wanted to throw him off of my @$$! Arrgh, Man, i hate the hurts of a suit when i have to do something that i need to do, but what the waterworks? COOL IT,COOL IT, COOL IT, COOL IT, COOL IT, AND COOL IT.

The symbiote is making me say bad word and do bad things. C'mon fool dogg, control it ....Oh yeah. So, i smashed in the building and i found Bush crying like a smeard b!%^&...again sorry for it, my black suit won't stop! I grabbed Bush and tossed him all the way to the bottom of the ocean. No one knows of what happened to him, but i think he is dead. 5 minuites later, i went to wander around the place like going to say The Empire State Building and The Chrysler Building by hanging in the flagpole and the photo is on your right of the computer as you can see, went to the Brooklyn Bridge, and so on. The whole of the realistic New York is under the page.

Moving on, so i watched a nice video, as i gone for a nice crime to find, as some stupid amataur F#$%ing policemen and Soldiers came to hunt me as most wanted criminal.....WHAT THE HELL!!!! I only saved the building and...oh...I throwed The Stupid George Bush. No wonder that he told the entire country to come down and hunt me. Now, it's a wild spider hardy arte chase huh? Well i'll show those nobodies that you can't mess with the guy who saved your @$$ES. I have no choice to do this the Black way, I transformed to the Black Hardartist and--Hey, i look sexy in this black hot suit. Alright idiots, who's ready? I throwed them a truck so they can have fun. You want more!!??

Here, have a giant Kangaroo--Oops i forgot, there's no kangaroo, they live in Australia where ol' Meteorite lives. Nah, I'll throw you a large water tower and a cow who is on a building!? Now this is a kinda weird universe. So, i blocked the way with my web so they can get stuck, then i pulled them all to the Kingpin's Building (Who i never encountered) so that would stop going my pity path. Later that night, I stopped and looked at my self and said, "ya know, i need some chill pills."

The Next Final Hours.

So, i stayed to a building while my other allies are doing their missions in this universe. I also turned back to my red'n'blue self. All i need is a rest for the moment until i saw my twin clone brother, the Scarlet Spider. What is going to happen next? You'll see....TO BE CONTINUED...............Yea,Yea,Yea, Scarlet Spider is here, and, what gives? Scarlet Spider wanted to join the group for a reason, but i suspected his nasty tricks, but , since it is 4th of July, we will stop thinking about this prob that's getting on my nerves, man. As i swinged to the World Trade Center--What the @#$%!!?? The Two towers are gone!! Sh!t, now my alies are going to grill my @$$! Aww well, no time to be lazing around like an @$$hole,i got to get my hands onto that B!tch who wants to ruin my life.

Hey, isn't that the dumb animal of Bush with a remote tech control, oh...I am going to KILL him!!!!! Bush smiled at me like an evil perro (God, is this Spanish word) as if he wanted it to happen. Then he said "Happy loser?" I am going to get him for this! Bush ran to the World Trade Center Construct Site as i gone chase him, but he dawn escaped to the New York Subway until, S.H.I.E.L.D , The Army, The N.Y.P.D, and the S.W.A.T came to capture / arrest me.

Me and the Scarlet Spider swinged to the south end of Manhattan, no where to go as then, a sleeping bomb was shot at us. I hate it when it happens. So, i grabbed the bombs and tossed them back so they can learn. They got aik'in sick and sleepy as Scarlet Spider and I went to see the Missing Buildings of the W.T.C (Tired of saying the whole name) and joined with other other nobodies to see the fireworks. The next day, something is "Mixed up". The World Trade Center switches to the old one to a new one. Wait, i must be seeing things...I must be dreaming. I mean, this is dawm immpossible.

This could'nt be okay because--wait The control...yeah..Bush's remote control. MAN, I HATE THAT SON OF A B!TCH!! But no matter, i will do it agian. Alright people, this needs to end...TO BE CONTINUED.........Just as i realized. Well, Bush may be n animal, but he is not getting away. First, as i went to see this fancy place of the 1WTC, i bumped myself on the air and--Wait a stupid damn sec, now i know Bush's trick.

Ditching Time!!!

Then, the turned to the construction site again. Just as a big giant pile of sand but enormous slipped up. then, it disappeared, then as i saw the sand again, it began to transform to some villain named Doc Ock. He grabbed me and throned me to the AIB building. As i transformed to Black Hardartist, i realized it's already evening. Doc Ock dashed to get me to the train, where i went. As i went there, he morphed to the Symbiomortal the villain that i haven't seen for some while. He gave me a crack in the back and damn it felt good.

I gave him an @$$ kick on the head, then he turned to the green goblin then fired pumpkin bombs. After that, he morphed into me and i hate that when someone steals my identity. Then he would get my fist and crack it--Arrrghhh!!! I get nothing but dibs. So, to make things fair, i went onto him and pushed him down the train tracks until Scarlet Spider came with my suit--MY SUIT!!??

But wait a minute Scarlet Spider's costume alike is kinda different. He is kinda different. Whatever, now, where was i? Oh yeah kicking the Imposter's @$$. Scarlet Spider / Spider-Man (you like to call since he has the new costume) stands, The imposter turns back to Doc Ock with his tentacles ready if you see that on the left. He webbed he hands and swooped him out of the train. It's starting to rain and it's starting to turn from a sunset to a night.

2 hours later Scarlet Spider / Spider-Man and I found Doc Ock preparing something on the WTC site. He has the power of the sun regenerator like if you saw a movie of Spider-Man 2 in your universe. Well, now i know this. He is doing this so that the WTC gets sucked in there to be destroyed. This is a fight of war i'm telling ya, and thid stinks like a skunk. I went to stop him when my Black Suit went back inside my body as--AAAAHHHHRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!! What's getting off my back!!!??? YEEEOOOOOO!!!!! Then, Then, and then, i saw two wings on my back. Wait i just remembered. Remember when i was with the X-Men for a little bit, Well, Professor X said that i am already a mutant and it will produce inside my body.

Technically, it does not say it at that time, but now i realized that i have two mutant wings with the power of The Angel Mutant and some others and i have gotten more powerful then the black suit and my power combined. Well, Scarlet Spider / Spider-Man and my mutant power stopped Doc Ock and he got sucked in the machine until he revealed himself that he is GEORGE BUSH!!!! No way, i am going to kill him, but wait, my black aggression is doing this, i should just web him, until it was too late. He got sucked in the portal.

World Trade of Protection.

It was over and The original WTC magicly appeared again. Aw well, i think it's time to go to the next universe, as i thanked Scarlet Spider / Spider-Man and as my mutant wings went inside my body. Lets go to the next universe. The next universe is video gameish. This universe is when There was a Civil War, Secret War, World War, all of the wars. It's like no survival. Then i am on a plane as another plane wanted to crash me, but i dodged it and it exploded if you see it on the right image. I met captain America. Oh, i forgot to tell you the other guys are now on their own doing missions on other universes.

Well, i teamed up with the Marvel Heroes. Well, i don't know how is this going to be resolved, but i need to this. This needs to stop here for noe. Later. TO BE CONTINUED....Well, as i am teaming up with The Marvel Heroes, Wolverine came up with his Sweet Motor and said to Captain America "I don't take orders from you, flag waver." Hey Wolverine, you need some chill pills and i can tell that you're angry. Wolverine almost stabbed me on the neck with his claws, but i standed back of him. Thor came along, so did Daredevil, The Thing, and Iron Man too.

So, first we took over the Helicrrier since Nick Fury the idiot who thinks he can whatever he wants is talking to some mysterious person. I wanted to web Nick Fury, but Captain America said no because he's trying to distract the mysterious villain. Fury said you can stay in the Helicarrier in the meantime while we track the mysterious dude.

Well, i asked Iron Man how did this happen? Iron Man answered that When My spidey video game version was kidnapped when the Civil War ended, then The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier was experiencing technical problems with the system as The X-Men's Mansion was destroyed by the same mysterious person, and then there was alot of war in the whole and agian, it was caused by the same dude. As he was going to say something else--BOOM!!! Some crash was in the game. there ships of air war on the helicarrier and The Marvel heroes and I went to destroy our enemies.

Behold, the Video Game Frenzy!!

Wolverine again said to Captain America to not tell him what to him. So why do i need to obey him too? Ah shucks, i just need to do it and that's it. First, i web the first two airplanes and tossed them to the bottom of the skyline which means anywhere. Then Wolverine crashed a jet and jumped out of there to explode. Then Iron Man blasts the other two jets with his reposser blast. Thor then used his god of thunder to eliminate the rest of the Jets permenantly. As for Daredevil and Captain America, they are defeating the invadors who already landed on the Helicarrier, as some huge blast killed the Helicarrier and i won't tell you if we survived.

As in space, the mysterious guy was revealed as BlackHeart - Son of the devil. When he realised that the Helicarrier was destroyed, He laughed so hard. As he laughed, a big teleporting bubble was i his space station and all the lights turned off. It was me and my other friends. The Black Heart b!tch is a scary chicken. He let go Spider-Man from his prison. H alarmed the station to explode as i wanted to go back to my own universe. but then as something begin to crash, all of the universes starts to mess up, starts to make to make it corruption and make it into one.

NOOOO!!!!!!! :?:?{"?{"{>{P"{:>"{{:)*E%$#%^#@#$^%&IOBVCL?:?"P...............I woke up and i saw something i never ever expected. My universe and all the other universes are combined. I can't do this. I messed it up. I don't think i ca fix it. I am a goner. What's going to happen next? We'll have to see. TO BE CONTINUED.............................War, War, and War, then something wasw talking to my head and i have alot of objectives.

The Ultimate Challenge.

1.Protect David Richards, 2.Protect The World Trade Center and The Empire State building, 3.Defeat a huge hghly-muscled Symbiote, 4.Unite all the Heroes and Villains to work together 5. Save new current president Barack Obama, 6.Destroy an alien invaision, 7.Try to get the goverment password code for something that i need, 8.Find the Marvel Universe guy, 9. Bring Hulk back to Earth (why isn't he here?), and 10. Defeat the guy who's responsible for this mess. That's all the missions that need to do.

Hey, when it's like this the universes turns comicish (New and / or Old) , realish , video gamish , and digitalish. My body changes every 2 minuites. First, i need to find David Richards, but how am i going to find him? Wait i still have the DNA tracking, and i since i have his DNA on my analyzer,i can track him down. According to the machine, he is directly located in the Finincial District Center. When i went there, David Richards was about to be fallen by Wrecker, one of my old enemies that i haven't seen for a kind big while. He shot me with electricity wreck as i passed away...NOT! I am pretending that i died as he came closer and i hit head to head which means i hit his head with my head.

Then, i grabbed David Richards and put him onto the Daily Bugle. Then i need to protect the WTC and the Empire State Building. I used my God Hammer and used shields on the two long buildings so that they could be protected. As for the Abomination, and the Airplanes, they are trying to hit the two buildings, but mostly the WTC. The Abomination got inside the WTC and hitting the top of the Tower 2. I stopped him from hitting the rest. Then the Abomination went to the E.S.B to finish it, but i grabbed his leg and super-throwed him to the ocean.

Missions 1 and 2 Occupied?

The Abomination dissapeared, but i at least saved the Highest Buildings of N.Y. This is going stop for the moment. I need break from all this. I am tired of using the TO BE CONTINUED.. but you'll have to be a little pacient alright........There, i'm back with mission 3. which is killng the most powerful symbiote. Just as i---BOOM. I heard a crash. It's Venom but like the guy in my mind said. More Bulky, Muscled, Huge like around Hulk's size, and more powerful than my black suit. So, he came and grabbed me and he swipped me off of the street. Then it looks like that i need a grill in the brain.

Just as i need to kick him on the @$$, Some Virus figure came and consumed Venom like a@$#%#! It was one of the U.S Military's most wanted restricted personel invador: Alex Mercer. Alex Mercer was wanting to consume me too with all my Memory, Skills, My DNA, and my Knollegge. Alex then tried to grab me, but dodged it. Then, he Came up to me and grabbed my face to consume me. No, NO, NOO, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thougth i died, but no, instead of being dead in Mercer, i am Mercer!! Looks like i am one with Mercer. And i have control over his powers and i turn into anybody like Venom, some crazy general guy who was responsible for the Virus Attack that turned Manhattan once a Hellho3le.

I can also do any kind of attack such as shape-shifting powers as well. Cool...ME LIKEY. Right now, i need to go to a lab and find out why did i gain control over him if he already consumed me and i should've been dead in him. Well, i have no time for this. I need to go to the Lab right now! TO BE--AHH, i need to stop with this damn it..... The next morning, Chaos tingled through the NY streets. Okay no time for fooling around, now i need to do mission number 4.....Unite all the heroes and villains together.

Old Friends and Enemies.

Firstly, i need to consume the villain i;ve always wanted to get: The Kingpin. Now i never met him, but i can recognize his memory. So, on Kingpin's fortress, i found him terrified with anger. I sneaked upon him and tried to kill him, but Kingpin accelerately tossed me to the window, but i swiped back here. So, i turned to A supreme Hunter to make him kiss my @$$. Hmmm, thats weird...I still have the Black Suit's negative behavior. Look's like it's in control too. Well anyway, i kicked his fat belly and grabbed his neck. Kingpin wanted me to slow down, but what the heck. He's from another universe.

The real Kingpin is somewhere else. So, I CUnns*.......ummed him. When i consumed him, there's this brain memory thing to see of what he can do and i know all about him. His intelligence, his moves, his tricks and all that. Well, looks like his troops came, i quickly transformed to The Kingpin and i told them that nothings happening. Well, my next victim is--BOOM! What the hell was that? Oh well, if it isn't that Kratos or known as the God of War...OHHHHH, I'm so scared....I am going to die..oooh. Shut the hell up Hero! Well, looks like i'll have to kick his ass. Well, i wanted to hit him, but he used his sword and stabbed me in my left part of my body (Well technically it Mercer's) and he wanted to absorb my blood, but i'm not going to let it happen.

So i used my shape-shifting powers to spread it over his body. He then used his super agility power to take my ooze down to the htatch, he'd may done that, but some of my goo was stuck on his eyebrow, as he tried to finish me off, the ooze was carefully oozing around all of his body then, as he was going to kill me, the ooze is consuming him slowly as i joined with it and boy Kratos screamed like a cry baby. Oh,,,the consuming........Yes, Yes, and Yes. Well in his memories, he was a defender of the gods and he had dealed with many stupid creatures from the past.


Well, i don't care and most importantly, i can transform into him. Hmmm, i am hungry, i'm running out of heath. Well, i'll have to consume somebody, but not the civilians, but the bad stupid guys who doesn't deserve to live, so when some idiot went to steal something, i grabbed him and consumed him. Yes, more healthy, anyway, as i went to find my next victim, oh man, the stupid ass military came huh? Well i'll kill their asses you son of a bitch! The military shooted at me and that got me pissed. Anyway, I had to escape, but with a victim i need to consume. I grabbed a sarge and i consumed him.

The Army came and they did'nt found me. So, i transformed back to my old self, but i am still taking control with the Suit and Mercer's body. So, i need someone with a better mind to persuade the other heroes and villains to help me. Ahhhahhh!!! I need Doom! Well, look out Doom. Here comes the Ultimate Weapon. 8 hours later, I traveled to Washington D.C to where i left off. I don't know if you remembered at the 2/3 part of the beginning of my bio when i needed to go to that place, but i got distracted by S.H.I.E.L.D, well, i needed a settlement with some Asshit governor named Herman....Ah whatever. He was the key to know where they locked My cousin.

Mabie My cousin would've helped me with this. ya know. Well as i looked for him, the president of the United States Barack Obama saw me red-handed. He asked me why am i here?

Shit! What the hell am i going to do know? Well, i said that i am looking for some governor and lied that he's related to me. Well he asked to shake hands and said "Have a good day young man." Yeah, bye. So, i found the governor Herman and persuade him or not i'll consume him from Mercer's body. He refuses, so then i consumed him with Mercer's body. Hmmm, it apears in his memory, My female cousin--FEMALE!!!

Female Resurgence.

Damn. Well she isn't locked, instead, she's watching of what i'm DOING!!! All along!? Man. Well, i'm gonna need to outsmart her, wherever she is. So, if she's following me, i must go somewhere to catch her. Later on the cafeteria of the E.S.U, I transformed to a college student to get some coke. As some girl SO SEXY came up to get a caffeine.

I watched her, until she sat down and dranked her coffee. Later on, i went on an alley, as a rope fiercely grab-tied my neck, as a Lady came up too me. "Hello Realative." She said. Now i met a female cousin of mine. Supposedly, She should'nt be near this universe, She is Identical Like some Lady in Earth-616 named Black Cat. Look's it's confirmed that she's related to her. Well I asked her what she wanted.

She said that she needed me as her Bodyguard. I don't know why she wanted that. Well, first I asked her if she can help me with some prob. Well, she wanted to know how was I all this time. Let me see, Being electricuted as a baby, almost kill by an evil version of myself, Being a mutant--but super, Going to different Universes and doing 10 missions, oh and thought being dead by a shape-shifting cold-blooded super-virus monster and consuming powerful victims. Well she asked if she can come with me.

Well, fine you can, but don't try to kill me or i'll kill you. Back in New York, it's like chaos over there. Well, I must find an intelligence with something to unite everyone. What about Thor or Hulk? Yeah, Hulk, mabie Hulk can help me. But he's not here that's why he's mission number 9. Well, that's when I need mission number 7. Get a code to enter him here. Well this is a piece of cake. Nick Fury is the perfect source to my problems. In the S..H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier. I carefully sneaked there and found Fury...Dead. Loooks like an alien just stabbed him on the brain. Aw well.

Consuming Time. Lets see. In his memory, it seems that the code is 6807955078. Well, in his memory he needs to go on an alley and go to a blue garbage thing and get it out of there and there will be a little computer and put the code there and wait for a lightning on space for Hulk to released from another deimention. Just what, I already did it. The lightning is coming and Hulk is back! Well, not all of it. It's just the Red Hulk is gonna get pissed. Well, i'll have to turn back to Mercer.

After One Year of Hell....

All That from the very beginning was 1 year ago. This is March 11, 2026. I'm 20 years old. I have been under many experiences but I don't know whether I should keep on going. I've haven't told you the story for 2 years and I've been in horrible experiences. If anyone wants me to keep going, I'll try. But I just want to let you know, I've changed. I've lost interest in comic books, video games, and I don't do as many mistakes as I always do. But, I realized that my profile is still here. ......Okay!!! I'm back in the action books.

So, After, I revived Hulk from the other world, I managed to find a finding spot, as Hulk crashed on a museum in the middle of Manhattan. Hulk seemed angry at first, but it doesn't seem like he wants to throw anyone to the sea. I decided to approach Him, but there we go, other Super-Powered people came by to make his day even worse. Great. So, I decided to transform back to Mercer, but instead turned to Kratos, since he has a strong power source. I was about to attack them, but Hulk already beat them up. There comes Red Hulk being the hot angry idiot he always is. I never thought that I ever find two hulks in one universe.

Well, I should leave them at my own expense, or wait, I guess It said in my mission, that you have to unite every single hero and villain in oder for that mission is passed. Great. Okay, I attacked Red Hulk, but he killed the sights out of me. I decided to go around another direction. I tried to kick Red Hulk in the back, but I ended up being hit in the face hard, obviously. Ouch. That was not cool man. Wait a minute? If Red Hulk doesn't want to fight me, then I'll just make him come to me. Hey Red Hulk, I have a suggestion for you, what's ugly, red and always obsessed in killing Hulk so bad? Red Hulk noticed that it was him. Huh, I thougth Red Idiots like you don't have a brain. Aw well, back to bumpiness. Great...my luck.