A whole lotta love for Charlie Tunoku (Spoilers maybe)

Just finished watching the Persona 4 ER for the first time. I never actually thought I'd feel like this but when it ended, I was actually at a loss for words. I immediately missed it haha! Never did I once think I would have so much enjoyment watching Jeff and Vinny playing through a game I never would have even touched. Now, all I can do is thank them for doing it. Persona 4 looks like a great game and the whole murder mystery was really interesting to watch - Jeff and Vinny also provided many laughs. So yeah, this is just there to state how much I loved the Endurance Run. I know it's two years old but how did you feel when you watched the last episode of the Persona 4 ER? Now just need to watch the Deadly Premonition and Chrono Trigger ones haha!
For those who haven't watched it - I fully recommend that you do. And Giantbomb - please put the collection on DVD, I know I would definately buy it!


Tackling the Endurance Run for the first time...

Alright people, I have decided that I should tackle the Persona 4 Endurance Run properly for once. I never watched it when it came out because I was an inactive user but now I'm here I think I'm going to watch it. I'm up to episode 26 at the moment. So. To those of you that have watched it, was it worth the whole 150+ episodes? 


Have a couple of months to spare so time to tackle my backlog

So I've finally finished my sixth form college and have returned from my holiday which means I have hardly anything to do until I get my results. First thought, time to tackle my backlog. Second thought, will I be able to do it? I literally have so many games that I need to go back and play and it doesn't help that most of my save files are gone so I'm going to have to plough my way through some of these games again. I recently bought Assassin's Creed Brotherhood so I want to complete that first but I think that won't take me that long. Here's my list of games that I need to complete so any recommendations of where to start would be appreciated! 
Saints Row 1

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

Fallout 3

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Just Cause

Dragon Age: Origins

The Darkness

Final Fantasy XIII


Dead Rising

Red Dead Redemption


Ninja Gaiden

Midnight Club  LA

All the games are on Xbox 360 so let me know where you think I should start!


So I want to start contributing to the site more...

Alright people, the miniscule few who read my last blog post will know that I want to start contributing to Giantbomb a bit more. I'm starting to post more on the forums and the wiki pages I look at are actually really well written (kudos for that to the community) so that makes it a bit more difficult. I've seen some interesting things around the site, such as having a go at quests and dabbling in a bit of trivia but I want to do more!
However, I am unsure with how to go about it. I really like Giantbomb as a website, probably my favourite games website on the internet and just want to start doing more. Think I'm gonna try working on some reviewing techniques and maybe put up my first review in the next couple of weeks, probably for Mass Effect, as that is what I'm playing quite a bit at the moment. Who knows, if I work on my writing style, I may try to compile a little guide for it as well (it big undertaking but hey I finished sixth form college now so got 3 months to do nothing).
So yeah, I need to sort of ask a question with this as well. In what ways do you contribute to the site? Are you strictly a forum poster or do you dabble in the wikis, write reviews or make guides? I'm interested to know haha!


Hey people

Hey everyone. I would say this is an introduction thread which it is but the truth is I'm not that new. I had an old account (xpxTomxqx) however, I rarely contributed and have only just started visiting the site again after a long absence. So I thought what the hell? Let's start again, getting rid of my name I created when I was like 15  and going with the more sensible name haha. The plan is with this account to start contributing more to the site and also to be more of a presence in the forums and community.
So here's the introduction part. My name is Tom Hargreaves, always been a fan of Giantbomb and knew about it when it first started. I was fascinated by the whole wiki system but rarely contributed. I live in the UK and I'm 18, playing games since I was about 3 years old. Started out with the SNES and Mega Drive (Genesis to keep the Americans on the site happy ahah) and used to love playing Super Mario World and Streets of Rage. I moved on from that to the Nintendo 64 and PS1 and from them to the Gamecube and PS2. I am now the owner of a 360 and a Wii (however the latter hardly gets played).  I also have more consoles but hardly play them anymore so they don't warrant a proper mention.
My favourite games are Resident Evil, Monkey Island and Legend of Zelda. So that's me in a nutshell, here's to my new, contributing start to Giantbomb. It's taken enough time haha!