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A whole lotta love for Charlie Tunoku (Spoilers maybe)

Just finished watching the Persona 4 ER for the first time. I never actually thought I'd feel like this but when it ended, I was actually at a loss for words. I immediately missed it haha! Never did I once think I would have so much enjoyment watching Jeff and Vinny playing through a game I never would have even touched. Now, all I can do is thank them for doing it. Persona 4 looks like a great game and the whole murder mystery was really interesting to watch - Jeff and Vinny also provided many laughs. So yeah, this is just there to state how much I loved the Endurance Run. I know it's two years old but how did you feel when you watched the last episode of the Persona 4 ER? Now just need to watch the Deadly Premonition and Chrono Trigger ones haha!
For those who haven't watched it - I fully recommend that you do. And Giantbomb - please put the collection on DVD, I know I would definately buy it!