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Have a couple of months to spare so time to tackle my backlog

So I've finally finished my sixth form college and have returned from my holiday which means I have hardly anything to do until I get my results. First thought, time to tackle my backlog. Second thought, will I be able to do it? I literally have so many games that I need to go back and play and it doesn't help that most of my save files are gone so I'm going to have to plough my way through some of these games again. I recently bought Assassin's Creed Brotherhood so I want to complete that first but I think that won't take me that long. Here's my list of games that I need to complete so any recommendations of where to start would be appreciated! 
Saints Row 1

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

Fallout 3

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Just Cause

Dragon Age: Origins

The Darkness

Final Fantasy XIII


Dead Rising

Red Dead Redemption


Ninja Gaiden

Midnight Club  LA

All the games are on Xbox 360 so let me know where you think I should start!