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So I want to start contributing to the site more...

Alright people, the miniscule few who read my last blog post will know that I want to start contributing to Giantbomb a bit more. I'm starting to post more on the forums and the wiki pages I look at are actually really well written (kudos for that to the community) so that makes it a bit more difficult. I've seen some interesting things around the site, such as having a go at quests and dabbling in a bit of trivia but I want to do more!
However, I am unsure with how to go about it. I really like Giantbomb as a website, probably my favourite games website on the internet and just want to start doing more. Think I'm gonna try working on some reviewing techniques and maybe put up my first review in the next couple of weeks, probably for Mass Effect, as that is what I'm playing quite a bit at the moment. Who knows, if I work on my writing style, I may try to compile a little guide for it as well (it big undertaking but hey I finished sixth form college now so got 3 months to do nothing).
So yeah, I need to sort of ask a question with this as well. In what ways do you contribute to the site? Are you strictly a forum poster or do you dabble in the wikis, write reviews or make guides? I'm interested to know haha!