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Revitalizing old hobbies... Or a tribute to GB...

After the visit of some old friends and watching some Graffiti DVDs a few weeks agos, I decided that I might start sketching again... Somehow I miss those old times *sighs*...

And now a few weeks laters, considering that I am a lazy bastard, I did a Giant Bomb sketch.


Although not really satisfied with the end result, I would consider it okay for being my first sketch after ca. 8 years of inactivity and throwing it together within 3 hours. I guess I will do some more sketches in the near future (or not so near... as already stated I am a lazy bastard) because it was definitive fun doing it while listening to some old Punk music (probably not for the neighbours)...

The skull/bomb is not a statement about the merger with CBSi [I'll keep my subscription and if they go down because of the merger I'll go down with them :-)], I just like skulls and usually try to incorporate them somehow...

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT support or condone vandalism or any illegal activity that is related, whether it be to private, commercial, or public property. I simply display graffiti that is already documented as an art form. ;-)

Edit: And by creating this Blog I finished the "Vanity Smurf" quest... Awesome!